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  1. PRICE DROP £1150 Ok so something has come up i really want £1150 is as low as i will go, thats nearly a £1000 of a new one and this is new https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Music-Man-StingRay-SS-Bass-Raspberry-Pearl/2X89 There aren't any left in Europe in the colour i am selling with the maple board i would rather burn it than sell it for any less so no further price reductions
  2. Nope they’re was a mistake in the listing saying pickup only ..I couldn’t remove it ..Thought that would probably put buyers off especially in the eu , so it’s scheduled to go back on at 8.30 with that removed
  3. now also on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Music-Man-Short-Scale-StingRay-4-String-Bass-Ultra-Marine-Blue-w-Case/392667424309?hash=item5b6ccd6635:g:Wj4AAOSwunNeAI8k
  4. Now we will actually hear how its supposed to sound ! punk, pop Entwistle goodness
  5. also comes with a brand new proper Phil Jones briefcase trolly case
  6. This amused me , this is how the bass looks next to my Alembic Stanley Clark brown bass short scale , it really is that small but still has excellent string tension And sounds like a full scale bass
  7. Great guy , nice chat again, second bas he's bought from from me, hopefully there won't be a third
  8. Master volume Pickup balance Treble cut/boost Bass cut/boost Bright switch
  9. This is a limited edition Only 100 hundred of these have been made 50/50 in each colour there is no word from musician if this will become a standard model in the future
  10. Yes the body is scaled down not just a shorter neck the bass is about the size of a fender Stratocaster
  11. https://www.music-man.com/instruments/basses/short-scale-stingray
  12. Status Graphite Stealth 2 Active Bass Guitar 2007 .. Absolutely mint having been stored and barely played since new, fantastic bass, bristles with life and tone I really cant say enough about how good this bass is, plays like a dream, sounds awesome, looks incredible.. beautiful bass guitar, comes in the original status case, thanks for looking the bass is black with carbon weave and it only weighs 7.5lbs Price drop £1600
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