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  1. Firstly, I think Basschat is one of the best bass guitar forums on the internet. I've generally been a lurker but I think it's a fantastic place to discuss the instruments. It also has an exceptional classifieds section. I've sold a bass and bought a bass on there. Both times it was easy and the purchaser was friendly. I haven't really found a place in the UK where selling or buying Guitars seems as easy though. Guitars.co.uk has a frankly horrific looking website and the only other site I browse (sevenstring.org) is more America-centric than Europe. Are there any websites you recommend? Thank you
  2. Hi guys, recently, I noticed that the cover on one of my tuners has gone missing. This tuner is actually slightly iffy as well because the washers look a little bent. How would I go about fixing something like this please? It's a purely cosmetic problem but I still wouldn't mind fixing it.
  3. This is an amazing price for a fantastic bass - I own one. I don't know if I'll ever sell it. I have yet to play a bass which has as much tonal variety, playability and bang for buck
  4. Gosh, I am quite tempted indeed. Let me have a think about it.
  5. [quote name='isbass' post='500427' date='May 28 2009, 11:38 PM']Hi, can you put me in touch with the guy who bought this? I'm after one. Cheers, Mike[/quote] I'll have to ask "why" before I share someone's details (not even sure if I'm allowed). So Why?
  6. [quote name='dood' post='269206' date='Aug 24 2008, 11:47 PM']Ah yes! Definitely a Status Energy! I had one exactly the same! I wondered for a moment if this *was* the Status 6 I used to own! Would be interesting to find out where it ended up![/quote] It is yours actually. I was trying to remember who the original owner was. The Dood is definately him
  7. [quote name='Stan_da_man' post='268716' date='Aug 24 2008, 02:03 AM']Hey Crosshash - I heard you too got banned from ONM. Good on ya! [/quote] Yeah, whoops
  8. [quote name='Johngh' post='268587' date='Aug 23 2008, 08:04 PM']I might be wrong, but I think that the bass is an Eclipse, not an energy. I had a fretted version. Good price though, good luck with the sale[/quote] Is that so? I was always under the impression it was an Energy (ignoring the fact that when I bought it, it was advertised as one) because it looks very similar to other Energy basses (the tone, volume and pickup controls are in the same shaped layout for example). Very interesting. Just looking around, my bass looks identical to the Status Energy in this picture (apart from having 6 strings and being fretless):
  9. I've regrettably come to the decision to sell my beloved fretless bass in order to gain more funds for University. This is a Status Energy 6 String Fretless bass with Active pickups and a Walnut body as far as I'm aware. It's currently equipped with Status Graphite Flatwound strings and personally, I do prefer the sound of roundwounds on it. It is in very good condition with a couple of very small dings on the edge (i actually had to attempt to find these, they didn't turn up in the pictures so I'll have to try again with a better camera later). Here's some pictures: If you want more pictures, just ask I understand if my post count is too low to be selling things. I was registered as Phalanx (if I remember correctly) when this website was bassworld and not basschat. The bass will come with a hard case and I'm looking for £350 + postage. It will be advertised on other boards. Thanks
  10. God dang that's a good deal. Someone really needs to snap that up
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