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  1. I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Pete and everything went very well.

    Very good communication and excellent service.

    I recommend him for future operations.

    I hope we meet again Pete.

    Thank you very much for everything.


  2. I put up sale a legendary B C RICH KOA year 80
    It is a bass made by hand with some woods entirely from KOA
    Mount vintage DiMarzio precision pickup of the time powerful sound
    The electronics is somewhat complex, it works in active passive
    And the pickups can be phase shifted to change the sound.
    I include the old case.Sorry friends UK. only for EU
    Price €3200









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  3. I'm reducing my collection and this time it's time for this black beast to come out.
    Neck integrated in body
    Swamp Ash Body
    Diapason. Indian rosewood with Avalon circle markers.
    5-piece maple neck with walnut core.
    Aguilar DCB Pickups
    Previous Bartoloni NTMB
    Ultralight Hipshot Tuners
    Hibshot b-style bridge
    34" scale
    String spacing 19mm
    Active and pasive
    Frequency selector 3
    HZ 1000,500 and 250
    Weight. 4.3kg
    Lugo SCOFT case.
    sale only
    almost new condition
    It is very comfortable to touch
    The sound is comparable to brands like Sadowsky NYC ect...
    This bass is worth it, do not let it escape.
    Price €2100
    I am not interested in making changes. Any questions please in private.









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  4. This time I put a Pata Negra bass for sale
    Of the best that has passed through my hands of course it is to my taste.
    It is a Sadowsky NYC Modern 24 from the year approx. 94
    Everything is original except for the pickguard, which is very practical for the slap technique.
    What can I tell you that you don't know?
    That apart from the noise that its state of conservation transmits, it is very good for its age. It is an all-terrain bass when it comes to playing in different musical styles.
    It's light weight with alder body and maple neck.
    34" scale
    EMG pickups
    Sadowsky Original Preview
    Active and pasive
    gotoh bridge
    Ultralight machine heads
    New Sadowsky Blue strings
    Sadowsky original case �
    Safety hooks.
    You can not let it escape, it is amazing as it sounds and naturally it is more precious with its wood grains.
    Prices. €3400
    Any questions in private. Thanks








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  5. I put this magnificent ARIA PROII SB-1000 for sale
    group from the 80s used it and their sound remained on their albums like Duran Duran, Metallica ect..
    It has a selector as filters to change the sound
    It works in passive and active with battery indicator. The neck is thin and super fast to play a delight.
    I include its case for a perfect fit. The bass is very well cared for and everything works properly.
    I am sad to sell it but I need to make room for my collection.
     Any questions in private. Greetings














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