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  1. For sale or trade this beautiful Alembic Deluxe Stanley Clarke Signature 1988 💥🤩💥
    Body : mahogany with maple laminations
    Top and back : Cocobolo or walnut or zoricote😄🤷🏽‍♂️
    Fngerboard : Ebony with Abalone inlays
    Neck : maple & purpleheart i think 
    Scale : 30,7
    Tuners : Schaller
    Preamp : Alembic
    Pickups : Alembic 
    Price : 6500 Pounds or 7500€ 
    II can accept a basses plus money










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  2. For sale my dear '78 Musicman Stingray
    It includes its previous coated with exposi and its original case in good condition only has a flaw in one corner.
    2-band equalization not understood know what a Pata Negra is
    Spectacular sound both for Rock styles ect .. And for Slap techniques it is a delight.
    It has a natural Relic finish from age and use. For my taste it is beautiful with character.
    Its weight is 4.2kg
    It has safety hooks is the only thing that I think is not original, they look old to hold the strap.
    Price € 3100




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  3. On 06/07/2021 at 11:32, laranjo said:

    so... i didnt anwser to anyone here because i said only pm.

    you asked me the weight, and i told you, the weight +- because i dont have a decimal scale.

    And i already anwser in pm to lots of People with a lot of good basses for trades. But i need the money , and you dont know nothing about me to say that im or not a person to trust.



    I'm a bit sick of salespeople who brag about being good and saying 4.3 + or- and then finding 
    myself after buying a bass that weighs more than 5 kg.
    By this I do not mean that their bass is bad.
    If he doesn't have a digital scale, he tells me and I decide what to do. As of today you say 
    you have answered several messages for changes ect ..
    But he did not want to answer me. You speak for yourself. Nice bass.


  4. El 01/07/2021 a las 17:57, will4bass dijo:

    Sí, a mí también me sorprende. Pero el vendedor no está reaccionando como parece.. esto tampoco ayuda... o ya se vende...

    Le pregunté por el peso exacto a los 30 minutos de colocar el anuncio y me respondió 4,3 Kg. Le dije que me enviara una foto donde se pueda ver en la báscula. Y desde entonces no me ha contestado ni a mí ni a nadie más. Está claro que no es un vendedor de confianza y que quería ponerlo. Es mucho dinero para esta guarida.

  5. A time ago I bought this awesome pavel bass from my friend Mustapha . With your permission I put your ad photos. It has an incredible sound. The electronics works good only some noise sounds for lack of use. With some product for electrical components it is solved I include a case. Price 3950 euros. Any question for private




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  6. This time it is time for another of my precious jewels to come out. A Gibson Ripper from the year 74/75 all original.
    It has a Relic finish in the precious barnic that gives it a lot of Vintage character. The body is made of Alder and the neck is made of Maple
    It has a large body but it is not heavy due to the woods used. The electronics ect works correctly. It has a 4-position sound selector for coil phase change and pickup
    The sound is insane I would say overwhelming powerful. I put it on exclusive sale for a limited time. Price € 2,100 shipping on behalf of the buyer. I am not interested in trading. Do not miss it, it is a bass delight.



  7. This time it is time to get another jewel from my private collection. He is well known among his admirers of a bass legend. Here you have this bass delight. A Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop Jaco Signature. The best of Fender for an exact replica of the famous bassist Jaco Pastorius
    It is from the year 2008 and it was bought directly from the USA with all deriban tax expenses.
    I include its original case and Fender Custom Shop Certificate
    It sounds incredible and its condition is very good
    I do not accept trade offers.
    Exclusively sale
    Price € 3200 shipping costs paid by the buyer.
    It's hard to sell such a bass but I need to remove bass from my private collectio 

    Pastorius Tribute fretless demo - YouTube








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