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  1. Great practice amp, plenty of vol. It's in as new condition, barely used, never been moved. £70 from the Coalville area of leicestershire, sorry about that, but can't post it.
  2. nah, stick it on your credit card mate, you'll love it.
  3. Hi, this is in as new condition, nothing wrong with it at all, only probably had about 10 hours of play, had it for a few months, still has stock stings. Great bass, but need money. Collection in person only from the Coalville area of Leicestershire. £320. Comes with a parker gig bag. Don't know what the woods are, but the fingerboard is composite. Has the proper active EMG, I think they are the 35j, but they are the top range, not HZ rubbish. Afaik, you can't yet buy these in the UK, only from America, plus big customs duty!
  4. Does anyone here have sky? On the channel selection screen, there are a number of tunes played repeatedly in the background which have been playing for yonks. One of them is slap bass tune, surely someone here must have heard it? Is it not the most annoyingly awful piece of bass playing you've ever heard? I imagine half of this forum could come up with better. I mean don't get me wrong, all those tunes are bad, but the bass one is especially annoying, am I right?
  5. Wooden ones, one comes with the big rubber circle bits, one doesn't, £7.00 posted each, paypal only.
  6. well yeah I would but you know it's gonna be like 450 or something..
  7. if you paid through paypal it doesn't matter what method you used, it's still a paypal transaction and thus you will be covered by seller protection, the thing to do is start a dispute right away about goods not received.
  8. well they are only 330 on the net, so if I like it in the shop no way I'm buying it there.
  9. I was thinking of nipping into town to check these out, they're made of some peculiar light wieght stuff, and they look pretty, well I think they do, tell me I'm wrong.. Anyone got an opinion on them?
  10. jeez, that's a lot of good gear..
  11. should really name a price man, also, you never mentioned how much it cost you, how is anybody to know what it's worth coming from such an obscure luthier?
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