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  1. Marleaux Votan in black matte + extra white pickguard. Located in Germany, comes with a gigbag. Like new, without scratches, dings etc. 4,8 kg Konstruktion / Holz einteiliger Ahorn Hals 6 Punkt verschraubt Palisander Griffbrett mit 22 Bünden einteiliger Dibetou Body mit shaping Pickguard Elektronik Marleaux 2-Band EQ mit passiver Tonblende 2 PU Splitschalter 2 ovale Marleaux custom PU's made by Delano Zargenbuchse Hardware schwarz von ETS/Schaller+ security locks Oberfläche Farbig matt lackiert Halsmaße 5-Saiter Mensur : 864 mm / 34 " Sattel : 47 mm 12. Bund : 67 mm 24. Bund : 76.5 mm Steg: 76 mm / 19 mm je Saite
  2. It has 3,8kg on my digital bathroom scale I´m from Germany, near Stuttgart
  3. Sorry, you are right. ONYX BLACK STERLING BASS For bass players looking for collectibles, Ernie Ball offers the one-of-a-kind Onyx Black Sterling Bass as part of its "Custom-Made program." The bass will be built with an Ernie Ball Music Man Custom Made logo neck plate, a hand numbered body and a certificate to ensure the piece's authenticity. The first short run model in Ernie Ball's Custom Made program, the company will make only 150 Onyx Black Sterlings to guarantee its collectability. It will retail for $2,525. The specs for the Onyx Black Sterling Bass are as follows: Body: Ash with black finish Neck: Maple with completely black finish Fretboard: Ebony Headstock: Maple with completely black finish Pickguard: Solid black Hardware: All Black Ernie Ball Music Man will continue its Custom Made program with periodic short run models in limited quantities, appealing to those with an appetite for collectibles. The Onyx Sterlings were made in 2002. It comes with a special case, not the MM plastic case. Like this in the picture, but in black Thank you for your interests Cheers Sascha
  4. I´m located in Germany, near Stuttgart, shipping is absolutely no problem. Thank you! Cheers Sascha
  5. Only 150 made The back of the neck was painted from Günter Eyb in satin black for a better/faster feeling
  6. For trading I would look for a ACG, Dingwall, Marleaux or a nice 5 string.
  7. Now it´s mine, and I´m super happy! This bass is like a nuclear power station
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