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  1. Hi there, How're you all doing? So, a bit about me... I'm Steve, 36, play bass (doh!), trumpet, trombone and a bit of keyboards (if I have to ). I'm living in Norway, I moved from Middlesbrough in Febuary 08 for a new job and to be closer to the kids (it wasn't a hard choice). Joined a 'viking metal' band over here (they sound like Metallica but in Norwegian lol, but I'ts a paying gig so hey ). I would say i'm a bit of a below-avarage bass player - I can happily cover most songs, maybe not accurately but good enough to dance along to, but i'm hopeless at improvising. Been playing about 10 years now on and off (more off than on TBH - trumpet's my main instrument). Not got any gear over here yet, so at the mo i'm playing a borrowed squire p-bass through the PA with no fx at all My usual rig is a yamaha 375 and squire p-bass through a zoom multifx pedal - god knows what model it is - into a Behringer 3500 amp, with Behringer 115 and 210 cabs. not going to get your GAS juices a-pumping methinks, but it all does fine for me. (wish I had a couple of grand to go shopping with, but don't we all.). Oh i've got a cheap acoustic bass from thomann a couple of years ago as well - can't remember the make... harley benton or something like that - great for messing around with mates on the 6strings after the pub but i wouldn't use it live I did stick my head round the door on Bassworld a couple of times under this very moniker, but I doubt if anyone will remember me - I don't think I posted more than a hundred missives. Toodle Pipsky SteveO
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