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  2. I've noticed the bridge cover for the CV 60s is slightly larger to fit over the Himass bridge. Does anybody have a picture with one fitted? Do they look odd as they are slightly larger. The other option is to replace the bridge for the standard vintage. But, I also believe that this is not a straight swap as the 5 screw holes will not not align as the vintage bridge is smaller in width. Does there happen to be a straight replacement for a more vintage looking bridge? Thanks
  3. Dave also uses a Hipshot Xtender (or equivalent) to which he attaches a chord. Not sure if it's on that 69 precision though, might be!! Not just a great bass player but also a fantastic banjo player. Check out Warmed Over Kisses on Dave Edmunds D.E.7th LP.
  4. Thanks for that. I totally agree it's one hell of a neck and a very easy bass to play.
  5. This is a superb MIM bass but I need a work horse that will be used. Unfortunately, I'm not a collector and if a guitar sits idle it has to go. Perhaps somebody would be interested in a straight swap for a Classic 50s Precision Bass in Sunburst or at a push Fiesta Red :-) I will mention there is a slight dink (1cm, not chipped) on the top hidden edge of the body. Would help if you're based in the South. It's actually the same bass shown in my profile pic.
  6. Hi Chris. Glad your swap went well. Unfortunate about the courier, but was sorted in the end. By no means any fault of yours.
  7. Thanks Ped I see that there is a charge and I am perfectly happy to pay. With the quality of this forum that's well worth it.
  8. Hi All I'm pretty new to this superbly run forum and have already purchased a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 from Chris (Roland Rock), thanks Buddy. What is the routine for straight swaps, is it allowed and where would I post if so?
  9. Yes, it makes sense that its the lead from the receiver to the amp. The pouch and extension is £50...ouch. OK! Active P Bass could be up for trade, I'll head over to the for sale section :-)
  10. Thanks. I noticed from the 1st post that the strap pouch and extension cable were included with the jack, is this still the case. If it comes to it I'll probably trade my active P Bass for a passive as I don't use the EQ. I think I'll take the plunge!!
  11. Thanks for that chrismuzz. My other concern was the use of this with an active bass, hence the optional extra of the lead and pouch to attach to your strap so the transmitter is out of the way of the body, which defeats the whole point. Now, I can't notice any problem with noise with the Samson airline when swapping from passive to active, other than the obvious rise in volume output.
  12. Any review updates on this system. I'm looking into one purely because I'm used to the bug transmitter which helps with quick guitar swaps. I'm currently using the Samson Airline 77 which is about 8 years old now and to be honest never sounded that great, too toppy and the compander side effects are excessive. The major question is, are these worth the money? At £370-£399 you can buy something £100 cheaper than this of similar quality. Is it worth an extra £100 for me to continue using a transmitter bug system?
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  14. Bought a Shuttle 9.2 from Chris. Kept in contact and dealt marvellously with a poor service from City Link. Brilliant transaction, thanks mate.
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