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  1. anyone interested before I start advertising this elsewhere ? Cheers
  2. Hi Chopper. Sadly they went in the bin a good 25 years ago. They were disappointing though. In hindsight it may have been a faulty pickup, but I'm not sorry to have put the current ones on. Might have been interesting with the original elctronics though.
  3. £ 320 No Trades (offers may be considered) Black Nightingale Bass, one pickup, active T&B. No case. Rare british bass. There are a few dings, mainly on the back and edge of the body. There's one ding on the top of the headstock. The blemish at the head of the neck is in the wood, under the finish so causes no issues at all. Unfortunately someone has replaced a machine head at some point and it looks like the screw sheared off. They have put the reverse head on instead. The cover of the control panel is cracked too. Sorry, I don't know the history of this guitar, I've had it probably around 7 or 8 years, Nightingale I believe were a forerunner of GB (but stand to be corrected if anyone knows more about these). [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000220_zps2c9594f0.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000216_zps3d88d79e.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000218_zpsc41a8377.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000229_zpsed00dc4a.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000219_zps896512c8.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000221_zps0899d4ad.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000226_zpsb0f6bcd0.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000225_zpsbe4a6924.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000228_zps3770b775.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000224_zpsea656ac8.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000232_zps89484714.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000231_zps68a64edb.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000222_zps43545b68.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000223_zps2d108e68.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/wysiwyg_uk/media/Nightingale/P1000230_zps64994bd4.jpg.html"][/url]
  4. 2 sets of Trace Elliot Extra Light gauge (.030 .050 .070 .090) roundwound strings, still have their cellophane wrapping on the boxes. These are DOUBLE BALL END strings. Sold my Status bass so don't have any use for these anymore. £25.00 fot the two sets incl std 2nd class postage (payment will be directly into my account or cash if collection is required). Thanks
  5. always open to an offer, but not going to part for peanuts.... its too nice
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