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1988 Warwick Thumb SOLD


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1988 Warwick Thumb Neck Through 4 string bass c/w case.
This has the original EMG pickups fitted.

The truss rod has been replaced in the past, and the new one is slightly longer, which means the truss rod cover doesnt fit.

I wish I knew the woods used, if anyone can shed light on them I'd appreciate it !!

No Trades please. I'm cutting down down to a bare minimum as I don't play any more.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask. If nothing else it'll save me using a 'bump'.



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Ahhhh! Showing me the serial number hasn't helped my willpower! A birth year and birth month Warwick Thumb, yikes!

Do you know how the truss rod was fitted? The standard Warwick fitting at this time meant that a truss rod just slid out when the nut was off, is this the same or is it glued in?

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Necks in the 90's were all over the place, different types and profiles throughout. It was the introduction of Ovangkol that brought in the baseball bat type neck and that stuck until 2009 when they slimmed down again :)

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