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  1. Thanks for the info everyone I’ve just brought a second hand source audio eq1 pedal, the Vt deluxe is speaking to me. but they all seem like a good purchase👍🏼
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to get a bass driver pedal and have used the bass driver DI. sansamp also do a vt programmable, deluxe which one is the best one to go for?🤔
  3. Thanks for the info how much grain filler do you think I need. company called guitarbuild can do us a neck for under £400
  4. Hi All, im in the early stages of getting the parts together for a P bass i have a paulownia bass body fender high mass bridge schaller vintage tuners manchester, primer, paint, gloss im interested in getting these montys retrowind p pickup https://www.montysguitars.com/collections/bass-pickups/products/retro-wind-p-bass-pickup John East p retro onboard preamp https://www.east-uk.com/product/p-retro/ Im stuck on where to get the neck but I would like a rosewood block inlay J neck. But don’t have a big budget. if you can suggest anything else I will need and where to get it that would be much appreciated
  5. Cool, I brought a lead from here years ago, nice one people👍🏼
  6. Cheers geezer, much appreciated for the info.
  7. Hi, I'm after a jack to jack speaker cable. can anyone recommend a decent brand to go with?
  8. Hi all So I’ve got a 500w head going into a 2x10 500w cab going into a 1x15 300w cab. Should be ok?🤷 tc electronic bq500 head fender rumble 210 cab fender rumble 115 cab
  9. dasbear69

    About me

    Hi All low end lovers, currently play in a covers band called sirloin and the steak Knight I’m using an original status trace Elliott T bass from the 90s and a TC electronic BQ 500 head a 2 x 10 fender rumble cab and I’ve just ordered a 1 x 15 fender rumble cab as the gig I played on New Year’s Eve was Muddy as anything sound wise. anyone Else using similar gear?
  10. Hi, Might be a really stupid question but I've just started cleaning the neck of this Trace Elliot Status T Bass SE Edition from 1998 Which looks like it hasn't be cleaned this then I the past I have got a tech to do set ups etc..... Anyway thought I'd give it a go. But have no lemon oil But do have this caron & doucet cutting board oil which contains coconut? Yes Or No??? Thanks Andy.
  11. I use Elites Detroit Flats on my jazz and Elites groundwounds on my Ibanez blazer, sound great. great price. [url="http://www.basscentre.com/elites-detroit-flatwound-series.html"]http://www.basscentre.com/elites-detroit-flatwound-series.html[/url]
  12. Yeah Have a Gotoh 201 on my Ibanez Blazer, would like to try the sandberg as it's more like the hipshot A Bridge, do Gotoh do a hipshot style bridge? Wilkinson tuners any good?
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