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  1. New amp required.

    It's that time again when I'm debating whether to upgrade my amp or not and I need some advice :). My current gear: MarkBass Little Mark II Blackline MarkBass 102P cab Mayonnes Comodous 5 My sound: I cover a variety of sounds, all in the same gig - and I need/prefer to be able to do this without twiddling nobs. Folk/rock/blues/ska/punk mostly, primarily focusing on the first two. The Little Mark II can do the above, but it sometimes sounds a bit cheap...presumably because it's the blackline model. I bought it on a whim after playing the Little Mark III, but it hasn't met my expectations as well as I'd hoped. So, my question really is recommendations on an amp that would offer my what I'm after...I'm willing to look at combos too. The only stuff I've played and don't like are Ashdowns and Trace Elliot.
  2. MXR Bass Octave Deluxe (M288)

    PM sent. If you up it to £80 + postage, you have a deal.
  3. MXR Bass Octave Deluxe (M288)

    Bump! Willing to drop the price slightly for a faster sale! Hit me up with offers 🙂
  4. MXR Bass Octave Deluxe (M288)

    They are! Definitely the best octaver I've used 🙂
  5. Selling my MXR bass octave deluxe (M288), as it doesn't get the use it deserves and I'm trying to save up to buy my own house. Used a couple of times for gigs and a few times at home or in a rehearsal studio. Looks brand new - no visual scratches or marks. Comes with the box & manual. Pictures can be added/sent if anyone wants them . Will post for £5. No trades.
  6. Band Bank Accounts

    Hey, Has anyone had any experience with setting up a band band account? Not just a bank account actually, but more as a business, which will handle taxes on payments etc, then pay each member of the band. We're getting paid in cheques/bank transfers far more than cash these days, so we really need to get things straight. Currently the money goes into one members account and then everyone takes their cut, but it's not that practical! It also makes saving up for PA, etc more difficult. Also, are there any good online tools to help bands manage invoices, etc? Need to make sure we stay in Mr Taxmans good books!
  7. [color=#333333][font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif][size=3]My bass line variation to smokey joes cafe by Paolo Nutini.[/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Note:[/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif][size=3]You may notice that my bass line has been dubbed over the top of the video, hence why the last section I don't appear to be playing...I kept mucking up the video recording, so used a previous recording I had![/size][/font][/color] https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=uaZaEfTWSf4
  8. Help - top straplock screw has come out!

    The cocktail/toothpick solution has worked. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hi all, Need some advice.. I purchased a Mayones Comodous 5 last april, but the top (neck end) strap lock screw has come out and the hole has got bigger. I'm not sure what's caused this, but I need it sorted asap. Anybody know the best solution? I'm wary of using a bigger screw incase I split the wood...
  10. SOLD - Markbass Super Synth - £125 delivered in UK

    Is this still available?
  11. Hi all, My band are looking for a new drummer. Our previous drummer left us around 2 years ago, and although we have three drummers that will happily dep for us, during the summer it's prooving more difficult (and it's harder to learn new material too!). We're all around the 20 - 30 age range, so would prefer someone in that area. We all work too, and although we've got a few major folk festivals lined up this year, the band is always our hobby and something we love doing! We have youtube videos scattered around, but they're all pretty bad quality to be honest. The best one is here: [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZcGZU2RJbA&feature=youtu.be"]https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be[/url] Based in Northamptonshire. Current line up: Melodeon, Acoustic guiter & mandolin, Electric guitar and some crap bass player. www.tautasroks.co.uk If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, drop me a message and I'll get back to you asap! Cheers, Maris
  12. Looking for a new bass - not a replacement

    [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1459883997' post='3020619'] Wow, what a looker. Never really paid much attention to Mayones but am finding myself quite drawn to the BE 5 Ash on Bass Direct's website! [/quote] I would honestly go try it out! My main worry now is that this bass may be able to provide all I need in one bass. I've owned the P-Bass since I was 14 (I'm 25 now) so it's going to be a sad day if that happens! Don't know if I'll ever be able to sell her lol.
  13. Looking for a new bass - not a replacement

    Right, let's try this again.... [b]It's beautiful[/b] Seriously. I like the look of my P-Bass and many other basses, but this is something else. It has a glossy type look to give it a shine which adds even more to the overall finish - at first I thought it'd take away from the looks, but it does the opposite. The owner of Bass Direct informed me that, because of the grains in the wood, it will be unique too. The black hardware looks great too. I'm usually against black on instruments, but this goes really well with the grains in the wood. A well thought at design by Mayones . [b]The build is solid[/b] This is one feature that [i]really [/i]sold me on this bass. All of the hardware feels firm and secure and not like a cheap metal peice of crap. The volume/pickup selector/bass/etc controls alllow you to change the levels to millimetre precision. I'm going to compare it to a Dingwall that I played which was around the same price. The Dingwall was light (that actually put my off) and felt like plastic, and cheap plastic at that (IMO), and that no thought had been put into it other than what it looks like. The Mayones (both of which I played, actually) felt more quality than the money I spent. [b]The tone[/b] Like I said in my original post, I was looking at getting something with a really sub-based tone. Well, that's what this offers with the right settings (of course, it can do much more than that!). The controls on the bass give you so much adjustability that you can leave your amp flat (actually, I found this worked better) and control it fully from the bass to get what ever tone you're looking for, within reason. I find with some basses the bottom B sounds like a wet fart. Well, this thumps out of the bass like a.....Ok, I can't think of a comparison. Something really subby anyway . [b]Playability[/b] One of the easiest 5 strings I've ever played. I have farely short hands, so I find 5 strings too much of a strain. The neck is still big, but I found it so easy to move around the neck across all the strings. In fact, the person I took with me said it sounded like I'd been with this bass for years, which is always a good sign! I still need to spent more time playing it till I can really say what it's like to play, as it's my first 5 string. I had a funny moment at a gig last Friday when I knew what I was meant to be playing, glanced at the fret board and off I went. Wait....I thought this was in E? I'm playing in E and it sounds crap. Oh yea, I'm on the wrong string. My rhythm guitarist also glanced across at me during another tune and thought he was playing in the wrong key - thought I was playing in C rather than G. Other than that, it was great to play at the gig! Haha. Got a bit of a gap between now and the next festival, so I really need some practice with the 5 string before then haha. Hope that's a better review
  14. Looking for a new bass - not a replacement

    Sorry, tad busy at the moment haha. I've only had chance to play it three times since I got it home on Friday - although one was a gig. It plays fantasically and was no effort at all to transfer my skills over on to - whereas some were the complete opposite. As one of my band members posted post-gig - "That bass though!". The bass on this is intense. I mean, I was standing next to a massive window and thought it was going to smash, bearing in mind my Mark Bass 250 was only at a quater volume, it makes for a pretty intense bassy sound. Bone shattering, haha. But on top of that, it can still get to those high notes without loosing them. In fact, with my band the high notes punch through even better than the P-Bass, because of the punchiness. I still need to play with it more to be able to give a proper review! My dissertation is due in 2 weeks, so I really need to concentrate haha edit: Just read this back and it's the worst review ever and it doesn't do the bass any justice at all! Sorry lol