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  1. Found what I needed thanks to this, thanks!
  2. Has anyone found a good source of bassless backing tracks by known artists, e.g. RHCP? I'm currently looking for a band to join and want to get some samples up and there's a couple of covers I'd like to record.
  3. That’s the plan on Wednesday (I’ve made the mistake of buying before trying before)! Just reaching out for more reviews etc. 🙂
  4. Anyone tried one of these out? They look/sound incredible in the demo videos I've seen and I'm wondering whether it's worth taking a trip to Bass Direct...
  5. Bump! I'll upload some of my own tracks later this week too.
  6. Hey, I've recently moved to London and thought I'd stretch my bass wings a little bit. I've been playing with my current band (Tautas Roks) for 12 odd years, playing folk with the occasional cover thrown in (although more folk than covers these days). I'll put my hands to anything you throw at me - covers, originals, folk, blues, funk, dub, etc. Ideally looking to play with people around my age (27), but pretty open on that. Let me know if you want some material and I'll get some stuff over to you. Or give me something to learn and I'll show you what I can do!
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions, we’re looking into them. Unfortunately I’ve fractured my ankle, so practices are currently on hold!
  8. It was pretty vague for a reason. Basically, I'm coming from Northampton, one guitarist is coming from Clapham, another guitarist is coming from Brentwood and our dep drummer is somewhere in North London (I believe). The issue is that our guitarist (Clapham based) never knows what time he finishes work, so it needs to be somewhere easy/quickish for him to drive to, but North of the river so that it's still easy for the rest of us!
  9. Anyone know of any decent London rehearsal studios? Preferably fairly central. Thanks!
  10. It's that time again when I'm debating whether to upgrade my amp or not and I need some advice :). My current gear: MarkBass Little Mark II Blackline MarkBass 102P cab Mayonnes Comodous 5 My sound: I cover a variety of sounds, all in the same gig - and I need/prefer to be able to do this without twiddling nobs. Folk/rock/blues/ska/punk mostly, primarily focusing on the first two. The Little Mark II can do the above, but it sometimes sounds a bit cheap...presumably because it's the blackline model. I bought it on a whim after playing the Little Mark III, but it hasn't met my expectations as well as I'd hoped. So, my question really is recommendations on an amp that would offer my what I'm after...I'm willing to look at combos too. The only stuff I've played and don't like are Ashdowns and Trace Elliot.
  11. PM sent. If you up it to £80 + postage, you have a deal.
  12. Bump! Willing to drop the price slightly for a faster sale! Hit me up with offers 🙂
  13. They are! Definitely the best octaver I've used 🙂
  14. Selling my MXR bass octave deluxe (M288), as it doesn't get the use it deserves and I'm trying to save up to buy my own house. Used a couple of times for gigs and a few times at home or in a rehearsal studio. Looks brand new - no visual scratches or marks. Comes with the box & manual. Pictures can be added/sent if anyone wants them . Will post for £5. No trades.
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