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  1. Selling my Barefaced Compact Gen 1 cab which has the 15" speaker.

    Works perfectly well with only some minor scuffs to cab and grill. The small felt covers on the side are covering where the holes used to be for the rubber feet. Still has the rubber feet on the bottom.

    Only selling as I have another one exactly the same and two is just way too many.

    Collection only from Wombourne near Wolverhampton 





  2. Mexican Fender Jazz Bass in immaculate condition.

    Bought new 18 months ago from guitar guitar and only been played a few times as I prefer my P bass.

    Not a mark on it.

    Will include hard case in sale.

    Collect from near Wolverhampton or could possibly meet up in West Midlands area.







  3. 1 hour ago, fleabag said:


    I wouldn't call a plumber out and expect to pay him the same for 4 hours work as i would if he worked for 2 hours

    Neither would I but I've met several entertainment secretaries over the years who are oblivious to what the norm is and what the contract may state. They want entertainment from as soon as the room is full until everyone goes home.

  4. In my experience most social clubs pay same as pubs or maybe a little more.

    What you have to be careful of is how long you play for. Pubs aren't too fussed about breaks but a lot of clubs like the entertainment all night so make sure you agree performance times. Some clubs have bingo inbetween which is fine but otherwise they be looking for 4 hours to fill. I normally offer to DJ inbetween sets and charge them additional for the Disco.

  5. On 26/11/2018 at 23:34, Mudpup said:

    These are very good value at £113 a pair...metal casings, you get 2 in a pack with a remote control and a carry bag. We use them either on the floor in front of us and angled towards us a bit  or more recently clamped on the speaker poles facing inwards (doesn't blind you so much when you're shoegazing). They have multiple autorun programs including sound sensitive and fades. A mains plug in each unit and link them with a dmx cable - its honestly a 2 minute setup.


    And heres a bit of video - ignore all the swively stuff and lasers....all the face on lighting (mainly red, blue and purple) is from the V Bars stuck on the speaker stands.


    I've just ordered a pair of these following this thread as I like the idea of attaching to speaker poles. We already have 2 x  t bars of par cans but a lot of places we play don't have room for them. Hoping these will be fine for small venues and in big venues we can use them along with the par cans behind us.



  6. As anyonee who uses LED par cans know there is an IEC input as well as an output. This is designed to link up several par cans and only need one power source.

    To cut down on stage space I want to move my par cans off the tripods and connect 2 each on a mini bar to the tops of each of our speakers. I see a lot of bands doing this and its a great idea. I have wondered if it was possible to connect the power out of the cab to the LED IEC input thus having one plug powering the lights and cab together. This would limit the amount of plugs/extensions we would need.

    I appreciate this would mean the lights would have to stay on all the time but this would only be for small gigs where we can't get the light stands in.

    I would imagine it could potentiallly damage the lights but wondered if anyone else did this.


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