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  1. [quote name='edstraker123' post='464645' date='Apr 17 2009, 07:39 AM']I'd buy the Shuker - in fact I already have ! Sorry Kurt, Jon hasn't updated his site and I actually bought this bass about 6 weeks ago. I know it's no consolation but it's the best jazz I've ever played - blows any new Fender out of the water IMHO. The blue and white Jazz's were still in stock last time I was down there so if you can't wait I wouldn't hesitate to invest ! Ed.[/quote] Damn, I've been looking at that for a while too. I'm glad it's doing it for you, it's a super looking bass. [quote name='niceguyhomer' post='464710' date='Apr 17 2009, 09:40 AM']If I was buying blind, I'd buy a Lakland Darryl Jones / Joe Osborn depending on what sound you're after.[/quote] Leo Lyons (Ten Years After) recommended me a Skyline JO. He reckons it's the best bass he's ever owned with the exception of some of his vintage gear. However I think I'm going to go with a Shuker passive jazz of some description, definately Sunburst, probably with a rosewood board, and passive, maybe Delanos. Have to put my thinking cap on. Cheers everybody!!! Peace Kurt
  2. There's not too much for me to write here. I'm going to treat myself to a new Jazz bass in a few weeks, once a cheque from my solicitors hits the mat. In the mean time I've been window shopping and hanging out here and at TB (although I like it much better here hence the post!) So here's the thing-I've owned an S1 Jazz which I really liked and wish I'd never sold. I'm leaning towards an 09 Fender but I'm going to have to buy mail order and I am aware of the potential problems this leaves me open to in terms of getting a lemon. However Out To Play Jazz on this forum has a beautiful 'burst/maple which looks so good (even though I usually prefer rosewood boards for aesthetic reasons). I know some of you guys are enthusiastic about Jon Shukers' products, and I realise that he could make me pretty much anything I want, but I'm an impatient sort of chap and once I've paid for something I want it straight away, which limits me to something he has in stock. So I found this... [url="http://www.shukerguitars.co.uk/stock.htm"]http://www.shukerguitars.co.uk/stock.htm[/url] ...it's the one right at the bottom-'burst/maple, villex passive pups. Seems almost too good to be true, especially the price. So, what would you buy, Fender or Shuker and why?
  3. I have an Ashdown ABM 410t cab in white, which is one of a batch made for The Manic Street Preachers video shoot for A design For Life (I think it was that one anyway-white stage, suits,amps, cabs, guitars, drums...you get the idea) It's a bitch to keep clean, has a serial number plate but no serial number, and I really couldn't tell you who the bassist is with the MSPs but it sounds cool!
  4. OK, this may be something that's passed me by, but I was in London today and I visited The Bass Centre, except it isn't there any more-gone, empyy and signs taken down. The website's still up-what gives? Peace Kurt
  5. [quote name='thedontcarebear' post='151650' date='Mar 5 2008, 01:47 PM']Cheapest, wherever it is.[/quote] Depends on the brand. I'd happily buy a Warwick online for example, as I've found their QC and consistency to be excellent. Some brands seem to vary too much in quality for my liking and I'd probably pay more for one of these to try before I buy, rather than get it blind off the net . Then again, with the way the £'s been against the $ it's very tempting to get something sent from the states.
  6. Thanks guys, keep 'em coming. And steve_k, are you mad? 5 string?4 strings are driving me to the edge of insanity!!
  7. ... for a noobie slapper! That is I've been playing for a few years and am currently in a gigging band, but never bothered to learn to slap'n'pop. Now I've started with the Ed Friedland DVD and I'm progressing, albeit slowly. The exercises tend to get boring after a while so I'm after suggestions for songs with simple lines to learn. TIA
  8. Hi, does anyone know how to add an LED to a DOD250 overdrive pedal. I figure I need a new footswitch, an LED, a resistor and some wire. I can solder OK but I'm not sure how to hook it up. I've searched the web to no avail. TIA. Peace
  9. I just got my Superfly from Sound Control. Apart from the fact that 1 o/p channel doesn't work at all, the one that does produces the whine immediately. The only way to get rid of the whine is to turn off the tweeter in the cab. To be fair to Sound Control, they've been as helpful as they could possibly be, by immediately offering a replacement or full refund, and arranging collection of the faulty unit. I have agreed to try another. I'm not sure if the whine will be an issue as it doesn't increase as the master volume is increased, although it is annoying at practice volume levels. I'll post back when I get the new one and let y'all know how it pans out.
  10. Kurt

    Small cabs

    Man, this is fuelling my GAS. I have a GS112 which I use with an ABM410t and an ABM500 with my rock/blues covers band. I've seriously been considering getting a GS112NT and leaving the 4x10 at home but I'm concerned about the drop in cone surface area meaning I'll have to push the amp too hard. Might bite the bullet anyway though
  11. Hey there, I just put a GT ECC83 in my ABM500. I'm gigging it tonight, so I';ll let you know how it is. Peace Kurt
  12. Err, yes. ^_^ Don't know what else to say really! What are you putting in?
  13. [quote name='Oxblood' post='27479' date='Jul 5 2007, 03:13 PM']Well, you've obviously got a knackered speaker on your hands, but one thing's certain: it won't have been caused by clipping of the ABM's pre-amp stage. Despite popular myth, clipped signals cannot in themselves damage LF (low frequency) drivers (although they can damage tweeters on account of the greatly increased HF component in a clipped waveform). There are two forms of damage that can occur to an LF driver: thermal or mechanical, and both are caused by the same thing: having more power put into it than it is able to dissipate, either as sound or heat. The GS112's driver is only rated to handle 300Watts RMS, and you've been driving it with an amp capable of 575 Watts RMS, so it's quite possible that you've accidentally over-taxed the poor thing with clean power (yes, even with the amp's master gain down at 10 o'clock). Looks like you'll have to replace that speaker, I'm afraid. Make sure your next one is capable of handling at least 600 Watts.[/quote] The ABM puts out 575w into 4 ohms. As the GS112 is 8 ohms it will only recieve a max of 350w (roughly) I only had the master up to about 10 o'clock, so I think this is a non issue. Having checked everything out, it's definately the driver in the GS. I might put one of the new Celestions in it, have to see. Thanks for the help everyone Peace
  14. I've had a poke about in the amps forums here and on TB trying to find an answer to my question but am now more confused than when I started!. Here's the deal. I've got an Aggie GS112 which, for rehearsals I run on its own with an ABM500. The amp's master vol is never turned up much above 10 (o'clock) and there is no extreme eq'ing going on. I did notice the other night that the VU meter was full scale on every note as I had mis-set the input gain (ie the pre was clipping). Now the speaker in the GS112 is distorted at anything approaching a useable volume. I've tried different cables, my bass into another amp etc, all pointing to the cab still. The only thing I can't try in my amp into another cab at the moment, but I guess if I'd fried the amp I'd get nothing out of it. Thanks in advance for your help, but please keep it simple. I don't know what xmax, excursion and all the other tech terms I've come across are!!! Peace
  15. I've just ordered an Audere Jazz bass preamp (comes fitted to a new control plate) direct from Audere in the states for £88 inc shipping, due to the £ being really strong at the moment. Even if the VAT man collars me i still think thats really good value. Just thought I would share this with you all. Peace
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