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  1. Hi there I'm looking for a chord chart for the R Dean Taylor classic "There's A Ghost In My House". I've found the bass tab but it is the chords we need. Does anyone know if these have been published (either online or in printed form)? I've tried sheetmusicdirect.com and Googled loads but still can't find it. Many thanks
  2. Bumped for a quick sale at bargain price
  3. Just came across this site through another posting about transcriptions. [url="http://www.arcellussykesmusic.com/index.php?/transcriptions/"]http://www.arcellussykesmusic.com/index.php?/transcriptions/[/url]
  4. [b]Cort Curbow 4 String in Mystic Orange Crazer.[/b] Bought this as my backup bass but have given it very little use. Fitted with Pyramid Gold flatwound strings and Jim Dunlop straplocks. More details on the [url="http://www.cortguitars.com/_webapp_3835201/Curbow4#"]Cort website[/url]. I'm looking for only £175 for the bass and a gig bag (stand not included). Buyer to collect from Thames Ditton, Surrey (postcode KT7). Let me know if you want any further details or photos. Thanks. Ray
  5. Me too, please. My name is Ray Benitez. Have just sent a friend request. Many thanks.
  6. So, 15 months after commissioning the bass, and after a lot of excellent crafstmanship from Robbie, today I collected it from Robbie. It is A-MAZING. More photos to follow soon.
  7. Robbie says the bass will be ready for me to collect next weekend. 7 days and counting :-)
  8. [quote name='Zach' post='507403' date='Jun 7 2009, 10:24 AM']That's one pretty bass you got there! I was just wondering if you knew the reasons behind the strange arrangement for both the tuners and tail piece, since I'm guessing it's more than aesthetics.[/quote] Sorry, I've been off line for a while. Robbie would have to say if there is anything more than looks involved - but for me it was the looks that mattered :-) Latest from Robbie is that a couple of coats of varnish have gone on. Not long to wait now.
  9. It will be a bit quiet for a while now - Robbie is taking the bass apart to do the surface finish.
  10. It's going to be a great weekend :-)
  11. Courtesy of Robbie, latest pictures showing bridge and tailpiece not just delivered but trial fitted on my bass. Happiness :-) Thanks, Robbie.
  12. Now, when I said "in the post " on 22 March, what I should have said was "will be in the post on 11 May" :-( Anyway, Robbie has been a star and shown great customer service, given the grief he has been getting from one of his suppliers. The bridge is now in the post, and there is photographic evidence :-)
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