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  1. Nope that's just a DI going through Waves CLA Bass (which gives a similar sansamp quality) but very clean, no distortion. Then duplicate the DI and put it through a distorted track (using Juicy77 plug-in with the 4x10 impulse) hi-passed at 500hz, lo-passed at 4k-ish.
  2. Haha I figured as much! Also, turns out I've got the model wrong - or should I say the guy who sold it to me got the model wrong! It's actually an NS2000 Q4!
  3. Mattayus

    NBD! Spector Legend 4 Classic

    Ok thanks for clearing that up. Wow, in that case, this guy who I bought it off has kept it in INSANE condition. It's like showroom new.
  4. Mattayus

    NBD! Spector Legend 4 Classic

    [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1464921643' post='3063813'] That's not a Legend - it's an NS2000 Q4. Better than the Legend IMHO, an absolutely killer bass! [/quote] Hmm I just looked it up again - are you positive? I'm seeing a lot of neck-thrus for NS2000's... this is a bolt-on, did they do it as a bolt-on? It's definitely more in line with the electronics though that's for sure, as this has a mid-way groove in the bass/treble controls, and no tonepump jr like the Legends have.
  5. Mattayus

    NBD! Spector Legend 4 Classic

    [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1464921643' post='3063813'] That's not a Legend - it's an NS2000 Q4. Better than the Legend IMHO, an absolutely killer bass! [/quote] Holy crap I think you might be right! But... This was advertised as a Legend when I bought it, and when searching for info/images it looked identical to what was coming up in the results :\ But now when I search for that it makes sense. What's the difference exactly? I noticed this didn't come with the TonepumpJR pre when the Legends do, but I figured that was a newer feature and this happened to be an old model or something. Woops!
  6. Mattayus

    NBD! Spector Legend 4 Classic

    Hi guys, Bass noob here. Guitarist 99% of the time. I'm doing my own EP at the moment and have been on a right mission when it comes to bass, trying all sorts and never being satisfied. I think I really dig the crap out of this one though! Not entirely struck on the colour, was hoping to grab one of the bubinga ones but on the second hand market (limited funds) they rarely come up. To hear/see it in action, I started a thread [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/286064-videorecording-testing-out-my-new-spector-legend-4-tones/page__pid__3063527#entry3063527"]HERE[/url] in the recording section of the forum!
  7. Evening all! Apologies in advance - I am a guitarist (don't throw things!) I'm in a gigging band but I have done my own EP as something of a side project. Anyway long story short the EP is nearly at an end, but I've tried SO many basses out. It's the last piece of the puzzle for me to be satisfied with (obviously being a guitarist, deciding on the guitar tone has been something of a work in progress for months) but I feel I'll finally found something satisfactory. I started out with a 5 string Jazz bass. Flogged that for an Ibanez SRX700 (very nice), then thought I might try the Jazz sound again but didn't need the low B so got a 4... then hocked that for a P-bass... then borrowed a mate's Aria SB... Anyway, it transpired that I seem to only really dig the modern humbucker sound for my music. Don't get me wrong, I love old school basses, P, J, and P/J alike, but for me personally, my playing "style" (if you can call it that!) and the tone I have in my head is only really achievable with something akin to the humbucker sound. Enter the Spector! I was really unsure about it as I'd only had youtube clips to go on (again, guitarist here, so never really within the bass community, my knowledge/experience is somewhat limited beyond what I get to hear on the live circuit). (sorry if this embed doesn't work, basschat newb here!) [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O78_W4ovuQ"][VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O78_W4ovuQ[/VIDEO][/url] Bass is mixed very loud for demonstration purposes, obviously would be turned down somewhat in the final mix, but you get the idea... I love the muscular *bark* it has when you dig in with the pick. I had actually intended to do this EP with fingers but to be frank I just prefer the tone and the more direct note fundamental I'm able to achieve with a pick. I do have the odd slap part in there though so that's something... anyway sorry for waffling on, thought it needed a bit of context as I'm a very minimal user of the forum. I think that's about to change though as I'm really getting into bass and may indeed take it up as a live instrument (been offered a dep spot for a band) Cheers!
  8. Holy crap man that's cheap. If this guy ^ hasn't already bought it, I might be interested. Would you meet halfway to St.Ives Cambridgeshire? Say Bedford?
  9. Mattayus

    Oh, herro!

    Thank you sirs! [quote name='paul_5' timestamp='1345227724' post='1775350'] herro to you too, ruverry to see you. [/quote] [quote name='mcgraham' timestamp='1345227737' post='1775351'] Welcome! do chip into the recording section of the forum - always great to hear from someone with first hand knowledge and experience of that area! [/quote] Yeah, will do!
  10. Mattayus

    Oh, herro!

    Hi, My name is Matt, I'm primarily a guitarist, but I do play bass - usually to facilitate my own recording needs. I signed up here because I belong to so many guitar forums I thought I'd give bass a try! Plus it seems like a damn good place to buy & sell gear, which I like to do frequently. I'm from Cambridgeshire, and work as a recording/mixing engineer, so if you or any bands you know need any recording/mixing/mastering/editing/reamping etc, I'll be more than happy to have a chin wag about it! Cheers chaps!