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  1. Oh. I gave it to them to put it in the case. Well it's there if whoever buys it wants an official black pickguard for it!
  2. That used to be mine! It's a lovely one, and pictures never do the Emerald Green justice! Did the gallery give you Black Pickguard aswell? I'm a sucker for the tortoise shell but some people think it looks better with the black. Hope it finds a good home. GLWTS
  3. A Claude Merchand German Bow, from the Thomas & George Martin Double Bass specialists. The schpiel from their website is; "The German pattern double bass bow takes its inspiration from the great German maker HR Pfretzschner. Fashioned from the finest pernambuco wood, these bows have silver mountings and are finished with brilliant mother of pearl and mammoth ivory on the tip. Balance and playability are the primary consideration. They are reasonably priced, and many are used by professional players. The stick measurements are 69.5cm excluding the button and 75.5cm including the button." The Frog has come away from the bow at the back slightly, captured in the pictures. But other then that, it is fine condition. Tip, screw and bindings are all solid. Priced for a quick sale, these tend to start at about £1000. I'm on French bows now, so it's surplus to requirements. Happy to snap more photos, or DM your email for higher quality. Thanks!
  4. Thinning the herd in anticipation for a home move, so hope this may be of interest to someone. Hungarian 3/4 size Double Bass in excellent condition. The label on the inside reads it as a Carlo Bisiach copy. The fingerboard dots and setup done by at The Bass Place, Herne Hill. It's made a great spare to take into theatre pits, nice and small, plays very well all over. Currently strung with Evan Pirazzi strings, a David Gage Lifeline pick up and I'll leave the quiver on. Comes in a Gewa soft case. The dimensions are: String Length; 104.3cm Upper Bout; 49cm Lower; 66.5cm Depth; 21cm Welcome to come try out in Sydenham, South East London. Thanks, Adam
  5. Hi, Up for sale (no trades, please) is my Ampeg SVT Micro VR head, 200watts @ 4ohms. Used lightly at home, the head has handy inputs/outputs for recording or practicing in the dead hours of night. And the matching speaker cabinet, SVT 210AV is very light, 14kg, and sounds full and punchy with the 2x10inch eminence speakers. No buzzing or hisses from the speakers. Collection from Sydenham, SE London, or if you want to arrange courier, I can provide further details. Still have the original packaging it came in, so happy to seal it up. Thanks, Adam
  6. [quote name='Ghost Rider' timestamp='1503097266' post='3355774'] You might want to put your location my friend. [/quote] Classic noob mistake. Thanks!
  7. TC Electronic BH500 with BC2x10 & BC2x12 cabinets. Lightly used, and barely at all for the last 2 years as I've been doing musical theatre tours so certainly don't need this. It's now taking up very much needed space in my cosy flat. Cosmetic damage to the plastic covering on the head, where I had Velcro to secure a preamp and it came off nastily. Annoying. But is purely cosmetic. Otherwise, in excellent condition. No hum or crackles from the speakers. All cables included. Thanks for looking, hoping to sell, or potentially trade for a tiny portable combo.. Located in Sydenham, South East London. Cheers, Adam
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