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  1. [quote name='KiOgon' timestamp='1383385080' post='2263820']
    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Squiers yet :rolleyes: have you seen the holes in some of them :lol: ;) :unsure: only joking Squier owners :blink:

    Doh....Now I just have to take the plate off my VM :mellow:

  2. Thanks for the replies Guys...at that price I just had to buy it.
    It appears to be an early export model...black, knobs through the body but a normal jack socket mounted at the front and it says crafted in Japan by the serial number.

    It needs a good set up and clean as it's been stuck under a bed for years and there doesn't appear to be a blemish on it.

    I'm well chuffed :D

  3. Due to health issues I'm having to look for a lighter Bass and I've been offered an Aerodyne Jazz in virtually new condition for £360.

    Is that a good deal before I go ahead? Looking around the forum they seem to be a bit chalk and cheese but I do like the look of them.

    Anyone got (or had) one of these and could offer an opinion?



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