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Mr Fretbuzz

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  1. GarageBand Interface Recording issue

    Sorted It was the crappy Ashdown Mibass Interface Bought a Focusrite Scarlett Solo..so simple to use and listen to this. P Bass into an Ampeg SCR DI, into a Boss Fender 63 Reverb, into my Ampeg V4B, XLR out into the Focusright, into GarageBand and using its virtual 60s Combo amp Not bad for my first recording with a DAW if I do say so myself lol https://youtu.be/LAY9GtI3REc
  2. GarageBand Interface Recording issue

    [quote name='Che' timestamp='1445260672' post='2889993'] Please give the Behringer U-Phoria UM2 a try. I have it and it is awesome yet very cheap at Thomann. [/quote] Looks and sounds good Che I had a behringer DI for about £25 and it was as good if not better than my Ampeg SCR DI so I'm interested in it. So if I just wanted to plug my bass into it, 1/4 in and listen through headphones direct? If I wanted to use my Amp.... 1/4 jack into the line input and listen through headphones to the bass and the track in GarageBand ?
  3. GarageBand Interface Recording issue

    It's just plug and play without drivers but I'm thinking of the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface :-) something really simple for a really simple bass player lol
  4. GarageBand Interface Recording issue

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to record a track from my bass via an Ashdown Mibass interface. I've recorded 2 bass tracks of the same song and neither are good. I'm using the interface as input and a Bluetooth speaker as an output. The first track ... Just plugged my P Bass straight into the interface and then usb into the iMac. Generally sounds good but crackles on occasion and ruins the track. Even though I pressed the hear self button in preferences, couldn't hear any bass and effectively recorded blind. The second track.... Bass plugged into an Ampeg V4B XLR out and instrument jack plug into the interface and usb into the iMac. When you select a new track you get a lot of feedback or noise straight away that stays throughout the whole recording and the level not so good as the first track.... Crackling as well but at least I could hear myself as it was recording. Any ideas and do you think maybe a 24 bit interface would be better? If so can you recommend another interface that will give me a good recording and simple to use. I just want to play my ampeg into it XLR from the Amp, instrument jack into the interface, either usb 3 or thunderbolt 2 into my new iMac arriving tomorrow and hear myself playing via my amp. I need to improve my utube videos. Thanks guys :-)
  5. Precisions

    Sounds like this a year ago. It had a full set up by Ed in the Shed Bedroom use only https://youtu.be/LdQSMYb5Rcc
  6. Precisions

    That must be my 2012 I traded at Bass Gear for my Limited CS55P. Loved that Bass, it was my first proper bass after Squire Affinity P :-)
  7. London Bass Guitar Show - 7 & 8 March 2015

    [quote name='Alun' timestamp='1424884951' post='2701578'] I'll be around both days, probably shuffling between the two stages so I don't miss anything as usual :-) Saturday The Greek Timmo BassAgent (w/ Fender '66 Jazz) BruceBass3901 Sibob CamdenRob [?] Bluejay Alun Sunday Bobthedog obbm Bluejay Alun [/quote] I'll be up for the weekend.. See you there Alun. Getting the train from port talbot Saturday 6.18 am. Make sure I don't start buying basses again lol
  8. Cardiff & South Wales Bass bash 2015 Saturday March 28th

    I haven't got much to choose from..so it's either this or this... Unless I buy another bass at the London Bass Show in a couple of weeks lol
  9. Cardiff & South Wales Bass bash 2015 Saturday March 28th

    Ha Ha, how many socks have you got in there Nick?
  10. Precisions

    Yep the same :-)
  11. Precisions

    Here is my other, a 59P Heavy Relic Olympic White over 3 Colour sunburst. I'm down to just 2 Precisions now :-(
  12. Precisions

    Here's my latest a Limited 55P Relic bought from Molan. Traded 5 basses, including a 2012 American Standard P and cash for it :-)
  13. Cardiff & South Wales Bass bash 2015 Saturday March 28th

    Thats Ok Nick as long as no guitards turn up
  14. Cardiff & South Wales Bass bash 2015 Saturday March 28th

    Most good for me nick :-)