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  1. If I did measured it right, it’s about 70mm at the body end of the neck. 77 if I measure around the radius. I haven’t played a real upright since Uni but I feels like that to me. But yeah, smaller. I can play with a bow but need to be more careful about not hitting the other strings. Mine’s for sale including the bow for £1600 if you’re looking. Didn’t include cool tube pre but still sounds huge.
  2. I've just put one up for sale. I love it but I only use it very rarely to record my own songs, and I really need the cash for some synth kit. (I would consider swapping for some juicy eurorack bits) I know I'll miss it but I my lust for eurorack is too powerful! http://basschat.co.uk/topic/281007-takamine-tb-10/page__hl__takamine+to__fromsearch__1
  3. Thanks! Il do a deeper search of the wanted section then. If anyone comes to mind, please send them my way. Much appreciated!
  4. Sadly have to sell my beloved TB-10. This bass did not include the Cooltube preamp, and while I was tempted to try it, (you can still get them new) I never really thought it needed it. It sounds amazing as it is. One small paint chip at tip of headstock. Otherwise, mint. Never left my house. Located in SE London. Cash on collection please.
  5. :-( How can you not be a fan of a TRB? Well, yer not getting my Ray! Good luck finding your dream bass!
  6. Well, this I what people think of me...
  7. I'm very happy with my new Ashdown 4x10 deep which Chaz kindly delivered (on time no less!) Nice guy. Pleasure to do business with.
  8. Can I get you to drive it to Bromley? I'll even give you the original asking price to pay for the gas.
  9. Gain on the amp. You can use that to push the amp into overdrive while keeping the master volume where you want it. If the amp won't put anything out post EQ without turning up the master then that really is a bad design. Lemme know
  10. To me it sounds like you have the master volume way up and are using the input volume to control the amp volume. You should try to get your sound into reaper with your master turned all the way down (for now). You should be able to hear your bass through the monitors, which is really what you should be listening to anyway. Starting from scratch: Amp off, plug DI out (xlr) into XLR in (phantom off) Master VU all the way down, EQ flat, Gain all the way down. Plug your bass in and turn on (don't expect to hear anything though:)) While slowly turning up the Gain, check to see if anything is coming into Reaper. When you've got something, switch pre/post and see if it's the same. It should be. Play with EQ and see what you get. If this worked, you should have lovely clean bass coming out of your monitors and nothing from your amp. You can then, SLOWLY, turn up your master, though really if you are recording, you should just listen to your monitors. Hope it helps
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