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  1. I've added some shots, you will se that the polythene is still on the scratch plate.
  2. I've owned Fender Basses (Transition 65 Jazz from new) MIA Precision, MIA P Deluxe, Mexican Jazz Bass, 25th anniversary precision, Chinese Affinity, all of them good basses for the money you paid even the Affinity. In between I've owned Musicman, Burns & G&L. I just don't go in for tarting them up other than fitting John East J-Retro active kits to some.
  3. Hi bigdavethebass may thanks for the reply, I'm just outside Sheffield, if I can I'll get my son along to load some photos as I'm a bit of a philistine when it comes to computers (an age thing).
  4. Many thanks for the reply. No photos at moment, yes balk = black, I'm looking to get a Fender Bass VI.
  5. NOW SOLD Price Drop £299 Fender 5 String Jazz Bass Purchased new April 2013, Rosewood finger board black finish completely unmarked excellent condition little use bought as back up bass. £299
  6. Drums 1977 It's Pre CBS (1965) and transition period that serious collectors go for.
  7. [quote name='jassbass' timestamp='1396934544' post='2418831'] Any trades?thanx [/quote] Sorry no trades but thanks.
  8. I had the tobacco burst, excellent bass sold it when I moved on to 5 strings.
  9. Hi Sibass11, the bass weighs 11lbs/4.8kgs.
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