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  1. Bose L1 Model II with tone match and B21 bass module. Purchased from PMT in Southend two years ago Excellent condition, Only used twice and then band folded. Can be seen in full working order and tested. Mick [email protected]
  2. Still hoping to sell as package if not then will split next week mick
  3. SOLD ------------------------------- Really nice bass - nice and light and great neck. Not getting any use with me - so time to go Comes with MusicMan Sterling case Pick up from Rayleigh Essex Not too sure on pricing for these - so if it doesn't move will accept offers Cheers Mick [email protected]
  4. UPDATE - HF CAB SOLD Amp and Markbass 102p cab for sale. £550 Mick MarkBass rig for sale. I pretty much stopped band bass a few years ago - so it has been sitting around waiting to be used. * MarkBass SA450 * MarkBass traveler 102P (Indonesia) * MarkBass 102HF (Italy) I live in Essex if anyone would like to try it out. Pretty much my all time favourite rig - but just not getting used any more. Mick [email protected]
  5. - I am moving from bass to acoustic guitar - so starting to sell some gear that is not being used. My Yamaha SLB100 is up for sale I bought it about three years ago from a lovely guy on Basschat - but never got to use in anger as the band split It will be pick up from Rayleigh in Essex Not sure on price = the last one on here sold for £1200 - but that had a case - so £1000 seems fair - happy to take bids if it seems the price is too high Cheers Mick
  6. Fender Geddy Lee - Really like these guitars - but not getting any use with me as I am doing more upright Made in Mexico Serial number suggests made in 2012 Based in Essex Comes with hard case Cheers Mick [email protected]
  7. Black Fender Jazz Fretless Made in Japan Bought it a few years ago but never used it- no idea of the value - but have taken a punt at £500 Based in Essex Serial number is J 031947 - so seems like a 1989-1990 bass Has a slight ding on the side - can be seen in the picture Mick Cope [email protected]
  8. SOLD Having a clear out and so this one has to go - two pick up - nice bass but i have ended up with too many so it has to find a new home Serial number e26792 Cheers MIck Rayleigh Essex [email protected] SOLD
  9. Hi - i am having a clear out and it is time for the Black fender jazz unlined fretless to go - but i dont have a clear idea of how the Mexican/Japanese difference affects the price. It is a Jap Fretless Jazz - serial number J031947 - It doesn't come with a case Price £500 cheers Mick Rayleigh Essex [email protected]
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