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  1. In the first band I played in, I never once tuned my bass, or changed the strings.  Prior to our first gig I told our guitarist, who was a perfectionist, that I didn't know how to do it properly.  For 3 years he kept my bass in perfect tip top shape.  I would rock up with a new set of strings every now and again, pass them onto him and leave him to work his magic while I smoked a Marlboro or two and supped on a Newcastle Brown Ale.  Happy days!

  2. I always found Peter & The Test Tube Babies pretty funny.  Quite self-deprecating and awfully British Punk.  I like this particular track as the guitar line in the chorus conjures up the image of a punk lad 'running like bloody hell'.  



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  3. On 06/04/2016 at 12:51, Pestie said:

    Hello Everyone

    Can someone please tell me the weight of a mahogany bodied SR500. I'm sure they will all be a bit different but just a ball park figure. I desperately need lightweight at the moment after an illness.


    Mike (Pestie) http://basschat.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/%3C#EMO_DIR%23%3E/rolleyes.gif

    I have a 2016 version - about 3.2kg.  I may have worn it down over the years.  I can vouch for them and say that they are very light, comfortable and a joy to play.

  4. The truss rod and neck on the SR are pretty responsive.  If you make a small tweak - 1/4 turn or less, retune and leave for an hour, I find the neck has shifted sufficiently to resolve the relief issue.  I had this on my SR500 when I changed strings.  Loosen truss rod a 1/4 turn (left when facing the truss rod) to increase the neck relief and retune.  Should be good.


    PS>  Always fancied an sr500 5 string - so if this doesn't work for you - feel free to give it me and I'll look after it - indefinitely!  ;0)

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  5. On 23/09/2021 at 18:00, ChrisLovatt said:


    One of my favourite Guy Pratt basslines
    Also I forgot to flip the video. Newbie mistake

    Despite being a metalhead - i have a soft spot for anything Roxy and Ferry.  Nicely done sir.  I enjoyed this a lot.  Well done!

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  6. It's a weird one the pick.  I can play rhythm guitar reasonably well, I use a pick just fine.  Holding a pick and playing bass and I am all over the place, can't skip strings, hammer ons etc. are woefully weak and it just feels wrong.  


    I tried to learn to play bass with a pick for faster songs, but gave up and spent some time developing a three finger technique a la Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse.  

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  7. On 14/09/2021 at 10:08, Hellzero said:

    Here are my two original Ibanez AFR from 1991, designed by the late Rolf Spuler, a true luthier and genius.


    These are certainly the most beautiful and ergonomic basses ever made.








    Are you sure you know the definition of ugly ?

    I do love the idea of having one of these.  I think Amos Williams from Tesseract is grooving one of these now.

  8. Hey Mands.  I had the 1980's equivalent of what you are looking to purchase when I was 15 years old.  It was awful, badly set up and the amp was useless. But...... I loved it, because it was my first bass.  I learnt the basics on it, learnt how to change strings, tune it, set it up etc. I also posed in the mirror practicing stage moves that I never actually had the balls to do. I covered it in stickers and used it at an audition for my first band.  I got the gig, and after about 10 months of unfaithful service I upgraded it.  It still lives in my mothers attic (so she tells me).


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  9. Years ago when my rock band had imploded, I was asked to dep. for the bass player of an all girls punk band for a couple of gigs.  Their bass player was my girlfriend at the time, so I knew their material pretty well.  She was off to Uni and they had a few gigs booked that they wanted to do.


    They played a lot of their own material, plus some Pistols, Clash and Godfathers.  Looking back those 3 gigs were some of the most fun I've ever had playing.  You can really let yourself go with a good old punk gig.  I even wore a kilt for the final gig - which on reflection was a mistake.  As were the pigtails I did with my long hair.


    Go have some fun.  I'm envious.

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  10. Just got around to listening to Mammoth WVH today.  I fancied something different to my usual Death Metal.  I also liked his bass work with Tremonti.  It's a cracking album overall.  Even more impressive when you consider that he played everything himself.  Boy's got talent for sure.  Very impressed.

  11. I'll leave out Iron Maiden's - Somewhere In Time, it's already been covered (pun intended) here.

    But I always had a soft spot for Roxy's swan-song cover - the album's not so good though. Also need to include what is possibly my favourite ever album.





  12. On 10/07/2021 at 20:18, danny-79 said:

    Hi all. 

    I’ve been using this set of strings now for 7-8yrs. 

    They are 105-50 stainless steel. Never had a problem getting hold of a new set , next working day from strings-direct. The problem I have now is EVERYWHERE within a google search is out of stock. 

    Anybody know what is going on with this? Import issues maybe?  More importantly does anyone have a set I could buy ? I’ve got a recording session next Saturday and could really use them. 


    How weird.  I been having the same issues, which is why I came into this section to see if anyone knew what was going on......I am currently using a set of Ernie Ball slinkies as a fall back.  I don't like them....I want my Elixirs back!

  13. 14 hours ago, sykilz said:

    To my ( and my friends) ears there was a level of maturity and adventure in Wasted Years that Maiden had only shown glimpses of before, to be fair we were all male, all aged 16/17 when Wasted Years came out, so we were all fairly immature guys who loved their metal, but metal, generally, meant 'anger', power, lyrics about ancient figures, or warriors, or drinking, and riffs generally were hard, fast and powerful. WY came along with its carefully picked  intro, it's'futuristic' guitar sound, melancholy reflective lyrics and to us, a new side of Maiden emerged. I'm sure other people felt quite differently and this is all tosh but it's a time I remember fondly. Loved that album too.

    Yeah, I had just turned 14 when this was released, moved to a new house, new school, parents divorcing, trying to grow my hair - it was a tough time 🤣.  This song felt like it meant something to me then.  It's never been my fav. Maiden song, but it's always had a special place in my heart - and now the Eddie from the single is tattooed on my wrist.  I was amazed by the change in dynamics of the song, the space-age sounding guitars and the almost euphoric chorus, which was a total change from the Maiden i had been listening to since I was 12.

    I felt the same excitement at 49 when I logged on to watch the premier of WOTW - its a cool song, nothing amazing, but I enjoyed it and it's Maiden.  I'll always love Maiden.

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  14. On 25/06/2021 at 23:08, chriswareham said:

    Check out the Sisters' version - they reproduce the intro pretty much as per the original, since I don't think that can be improved on, but give it a sense of menace to reflect the death of hippy culture at Altamont. They also twist the lyrics, so rather than love being a kiss away and war a shot away, it's war that's a kiss away and love that's a shot (of drugs) away.

    Always felt that The Sisters gave this song a much needed shot of their methedrine fuelled darkness.  Emma is magnificent - that howl Eldritch does at the end is soul wrenching.

    Spolier Alert: I'm a huge sisters fan.

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