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  1. Hey Mewsie I teach a number of guys on Basschat and recently gave a 6-hour teaching exhibition at the annual Yorkshire BASS BASH. I teach 'PERFORMANCE BASS', for live musicians. I'm based in Saltaire, on the Leeds-side of Bradford. £20 per hour. Give me a ring on 07769 922278 and see my ad in the TUTORS section, called: ******BRENTRAVIS (B.A. Hons) TUTION****** All the best Bren
  2. [size=3]Bren Travis, 07769 922278 www.brentravis.com [email protected] Professional musician and teacher with 14 years of teaching experience, based in Saltaire, Bradford. I teach 'Performance Bass', especially designed lessons which focus on improvised, original, exceptional bass, for live musicians or those who wish to work in a gigging/recording band. Please read the attached advert (and see details of my [b]FX pedal giveaway[/b]) and call or email to see how I can revoltionise your creativity and playing. 07769 922278[/size]
  3. Thanks for a great Bass Bash Keith. All the best Bren travis
  4. Hi Keith I live in Shipley too, maybe see you around mate... Bren
  5. [font="Century Gothic"]Just finished gigging with my working band (Chili Peppers tribute) after three-and-a-half years. The singer has moved down to Notttingham to run his new restaurant so we wound-up the band coz it would never be the same again. Really enjoyed it though and I'm happy that its success reflected all the hard work and development that helped the band and its following grow so big. For the last year I've been writing and recording some stuff with a DJ, which was always an aspiration when I played in original up-and-coming alt-rock bands with their conventional 3 or 4 piece set up and everything was 'live'. Next.... fancied forming a Rage Against The Machine tribute, or maybe an REM act and see if they can grow to the level of the Chili band, only in a shorter timescale. The only thing is - If I build the REM tribute, I'll be the frontman, not the bass player. I was listening to some tracks I did with PSYCHOSONIC3 in 2003 and dug out the only track that I have EVER written lyrics and vocal lines for. I'm sure you'll love the pragmatic arrangement and fusing of styles, as Metal meets and wakes up with.... wait for it..... Latin Bossanova! They said it couldn't be done.... and after you uhear it, you may say the same, but who cares when the bass cuts its edgy growling path through the sh*te and implausable words, to stand-out as possibly the best bass tone I have ever created and recorded. Grrrrgh!!!
  6. Warwick amps mute the powerstage whenever they detect an interruption or short circuit, at any point between the powerstage and speaker(s). I recently blew a horn on one of my 4X10's and the amp lit the 'mute' LED repeatedly until I disconnected the horn, to restore the circuit. Turning down could help, but if a speaker is one it's way out, or you have a bad speaker cable or socket on the cab, it will trip the protection circuit the moment the coil vibrates enough to interrupt the output. All the best.
  7. If you open up the POD XT Pro, there's a voltage switch on the PCB, a couple of inches from the transformer. There are two terminals, one for 110V and the other for 220-240V. Simply pull the connector off and re-attach on the correct patch. It's designed for use in any country, so it doesn't void any warranty or affect the unit whatsoever. Bren
  8. Hi Very cool site. Found it last week while looking for somewhere to advertise as a tutor. Nice to see bassists who have passion. I grew up on Geddy Lee and Larry Graham and love to work with a good, clever drummer. I live in Saltaire, Bradford and teach across all styles. If anyone has good ideas for where I should advertise, I'd really appreciate your help. All the best Bren
  9. Yep, you did have a cookie-duster at the time... I can see you play a Yamaha TRB nowadays, but didn't you used to have a Jaydee back then? So what's your band about? Do you play anywhere that I can get to? You should give me a bell at some point - I'd love to catch up. 07734 272 056 Take care Bren
  10. Hi Tony Jesus man, that must have been 14 years ago or something!!? But yeah, that was me. Remind me who you are mate... B
  11. Bren Travis, a well-established Bass Guitar tutor (Royal College of Music accredited) with over ten years teaching experience, has new slots available each Sunday afternoon. West Yorkshire area. PERFORMANCE-BASS focuses on the development of your practical, improvisational and performance skills. I aim to quickly develop an enthusiastic student into a superb all-round bassist who displays exceptionally accurate execution, innovation and confidence, during the creation and performance of expressive, original compositions. Lessons are taught in a friendly one-to-one environment and are suitable for all ages, styles and levels of ability, developing the left hand technique for faster, wider movement through the fretboard. Right hand training allows a fluent 3-finger technique with infite tonal flexibility, each note individually executed with consistent accuracy and control. Any and every style of music can be explored, with a range of tuition ranging from Slap bass & locking-in with drums, to vocal training and play-by-ear techniques. Incorporating tools such as drum sequencing, live guitar accompaniment, Line-6 amp & effect modelling and PC-based applications, each session is uniquely and individually prepared to keep your ongoing learning exciting, encouraging fast progression and a better retention of information. Lesson notes and MP3s are sent to you by email, helping you to make the most of practicing at home. Theory is made clear, valuable and always relevant to your creative and performing improvement. There's a 400 watt tube amp & speaker cab for you to play through, plus a Bass Pod pre-amp, so you'll just need to bring your bass along. Call Bren Travis on 07734 272 056 or email [[email protected]][email protected][/email]
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