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  1. im currently re doing a squier and I found a suitable pickguard on ebay from nottinghammusicshop there are a few different types but the one that worked for me was TYPE A. You will see what I mean when you check their items. hope this helps. The exact wording you can search is 'bass guitar pickguard scratchplate white pearloid wbw-a'. This will bring you to their shop and you can make your searches from there.

  2. Hi everybody this is my first post so if I'm breaking any protocol, apologies. I recently bought a 70s p bass ash body on eBay. I then purchased a mighty mite p bass 70s standard neck to go with the body but the neck is too small. There is a 1/2 ml gap at the heal/pocket on either side. I desperately wanna put the two together but I'm nervous it won't work out. Any tips. Im bricking the drilling of the holes for the neck plate screws. Also is the neck gonna be moving all over the shop. Can I shim it. Etc etc. Any advice would be appreciated. The boy.

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