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  1. Great Bass and a good friend, Dave if I was still playing Bass I would have this off you in a heart beat :-) Was seriously tempted when I saw you were advertising it. Steve
  2. Hi Deedee, thanks for your interest but I am downsizing all my equipment at the moment so am not looking for any trades. regards Steve
  3. Cannot believe that this Trace and extension cabinet is still around. This set up would be ideal for a rehearsal room for a band.
  4. Thanks Mike, can you either point them to the page, or let me know which Facebook group it was. Steve
  5. For sale Orange Terror Bass Amp, no longer needed due to downsizing and no longer playing Bass on a regular basis. £300 [attachment=242010:Orange 1.jpg] [attachment=242011:Orange 2.jpg] [attachment=242012:Orange Case.jpg]
  6. Thanks Nathan, I think I have used them before but forgot about them. Will give them a try for the other cab I have to send to Denmark. Steve
  7. About 32kgs unpacked Not light :-) I am currently trying to ship another cabinet abroad at the moment and just found out that Royal Mail and Parcel Force have a maximum of 30kgs. The cost to ship via others is likely to be at least twice the cost of the Cabinet price. Steve
  8. I have been asked for some more pictures of the Combo so here they are. [attachment=241992:Trace Front.jpg] [attachment=241993:Trace Back.jpg] [attachment=241994:Trace Side 1.jpg] [attachment=241995:Trace Side 2.jpg]
  9. Just outside Ripley. Yes it is a steal, and it sounds as sweet as the day I bought it. Just not being used by me and unlikely to be in the future.
  10. I have now split the items so if you are interested in the Combo or the cabinet please let me know.
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