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  1. Jealous I am... It's a bloody amazing bass! Got the chance to try one while in Paris 18months ago (thanks to Bass Maniac), I dream about it since. One day it will be mine..
  2. It seems I'll wait the first rehearsal and see (it seems that our keyboard man has a Roland Cube I could use temporarly). Once I know more about the room configuration, I'll go and chase. I passed by my local shop, and everything is over the budget I'm willing to pay for the usage. @xgsjx : i'm trying to get the 8*10", but my wife does not seem too happy, not sure why.
  3. This ain't a gig. Just "homework". I don't have gig gear yet, always played till now @location with back line supplied.
  4. This were my initial feelings thanks to confirm.. Time to hunt for cheap second hand 50W lightweight combo...
  5. Hi Guys, With the band i'm playing in, we have some "acoustic" session planned (in addition to "real repetition"), to work on own songs and this kind of things. Setup will be the female singer (no amplifier), Two (electro) acoustic guitars, keyboard, and bass. In the music corner built in a house. I'd therefore need a small combo (don't have acoustic bass and don't to spend 350Euros to buy one) but I'm wondering how many watts i'd need. Is a10-15W enough ? or will I need to go for 50W and more? Thanks! Chris
  6. Quick follow up : I am following your advices, and it does payoff ! I'm far from good yet, but the progression is "visible" so to speak. I found a band in between.. so going in the right direction. I'll have a look to the dummies book. can;t hurt
  7. Check the specs. I would think it;s a fit, isn't it ? [list] [*]16 simultaneous inputs [*]4 simultaneous outputs [*]14 analog inputs [*](8x) XLR Mic inputs with phantom power [*](2x) 1/4" TRS LINE/GUITAR inputs on the front panel [*](4x) 1/4" TRS LINE inputs on the rear panel [/list]
  8. Are you sure about Tascam US-800 ? it does not have 6 XLR. the Tascam US-1800 has 8 XLR and is priced 300-400 Euros, so <£400/
  9. @Coilte:I do my best touching the bass at least 30min on a daily base. Not always a success. @XB26354: I was playing in few band, lookin for one right now. Difficult to find a band not running to gig no matter what. People tend to want a be in the spotlight, forgetting that spotlight will come eventually if you''re decent enough. And well, I did ashame myself on a gig.. so not willing to go there again without a good feeling.
  10. I'm not too surprise, they have a surprisingly broad range of products, even for us, poor bassits.
  11. www.stringbusters.com Happy so far and i order from Netherlands
  12. I did really start yesterday & today (could not really bass before) and I have been busy today with (re)learning the fretboard, as well as back to basic in Studybass AND Hector's advice. I feel somehow ashame on how bad I really am and I did not realize so far how lacky I was in real solid bases. Anyway, all your advices are good and well-employed and I will one day become a bassist.
  13. http://www.musicfootsteps.sg/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=82 ? Android is mentionned there besides iWhatever.
  14. bit late though www.stringbusters.com has the 760 reference. 750 are indeed not on their website, maybe worth a call to then ? they seem to be Labella registered reseller.
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