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  1. I just posted my MTD Kingston KZ5 on the for sale here. This is Mike's top of the line import. I got it from Mike at NAMM in January and he set it up. It's a great bass if you aren't sure and you want to give it a shot. I am asking $950 US.
  2. [quote name='Clarky72' timestamp='1326149583' post='1493125'] Here's my 1980 SB700. Its a beauty, 100% original with hardcase. [/quote] Bolt on or set neck?
  3. [quote name='G-77' timestamp='1218133911' post='257508'] and then there is my Streamline... [/quote] The streamline with shaded graphite weave is always my fav. However, what does your G-77 look like today?
  4. Thinning my collection now that my major touring days are over. Figured I would give you all on your side o' the pond a shot at it. For sale: Kubicki Ex-factor, black, $1500 Kubicki Keyfactor4, black, $1200 Guild Pilot SB-602, black, $800 Silvertone 1442, cocoa burst, $600 Kramer 650B Artist, $1100 Steinberger Q4v1, black, $1100 Steinberger Q4v2, black, $850 MTD Kingston KZ5, amber w/burled maple, $950 MTD is new, was featured at NAMM this year. For some quick pix visit my Facebook page Tom Richards and look under "the basses of Tom Richards" photo album. More info and pix email me at [email protected]
  5. [quote name='dlloyd' timestamp='1330341973' post='1555836'] Affinity series P vs Westone made in Japan by Matsumoku... [/quote] Is it me, or do bassists on your side of the pond need a good bass history lesson....
  6. [quote name='Lewis Fieldhouse' timestamp='1330345206' post='1555879'] thanks for the advice chaps. I was bidding on a Thunder Jet in the end and some one had a higher maximum bid on it - just lost out! Would have been a bargain. I'll take a look at that squire. Thanks again lads! [/quote] No, DO NOT LOOK AT THE SQUIER!!!!!! Unless you know absolutely nothing about bass, anything made in the Matsumoku factory in Japan from 1979-1986 or 1987 are some of the best built basses and instruments ever made. The Westones and Vantages are lesser known then the Aria Pro II series, which, even in England, are legendary (SB-1000, SB-700 all heard throughout the '80s in the hands of Jack Bruce, John Taylor, Bruce Foxton, the dude from Haircut 100, you name it). Quality and sound is unparalleled. A Westone in good to great shape will always be better then the piece of rubbish Squier. YOU WILL LOVE THE FEATURES AND THE SOUND AND THE QUALITY! But then again, what do I know. I'm just an ex-pat from the other side of the pond....
  7. Brubaker is now offering Brute Basses in a single cut! First production arrives in June. I played it at NaMM and it is amazing for the price! (under $1000 USD). I just pre- ordered from a local dealer. Can't wait! Some clips of it are on my YouTube page TRichardsmusic. Any one here have a standard Brute or a custom? I just traded for a custom KXB-5 and can't wait for it to come!
  8. Those are definitely Aria pickups from the 1980s. The top one is an MBI, I believe the bottom is the MBII. You would never find them both on the same series of Aria instruments. This is a pseudo homade bass. The neck seems to be a cheap copy from a very "vintage" instrument, and the body is definitely homemade.
  9. [quote name='fissurette' post='720348' date='Jan 21 2010, 01:50 PM']4000 or 5000 $ ones don't have many things to deal with a 500 one... But anyway, it's great bass. Although It deserves better pickup. When I see what's proposed in store... I have got no regret to have bought mine.[/quote] Resurrecting this thread. The latest production run of the Brubaker Brutes is being handled through APINTL. That is Andy Papiccio, former principal in the original Kramer company and also the current head of all things Floyd Rose. Kevin Brubaker is personally involved as well. I've known Andy since high school and I had a chance to play some of the new Brutes last week at his showroom. Maybe the best import bass I've ever played with the exception of the Aria Pro II SB series from the late 1970's and early 1980's. The action on the bass was good out of the box, the sound was exceptional. Upgrading the electronics and tweaking the set up wil absolutely give you a dirt cheap, great quality, gig worthy bass. I'm going to buy two as soon as the complete production run comes in, so that I no longer have to cry when some drunk guy in the bar spills his cheap Budweiser all over my Kubickis or Steinbergers. Tom Richards Bassist/Singer/Songwriter Founding Partner, LIX Music Creation and Produciton
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