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  1. Given that the tracking doesn't seem to work... how long should a Thomann order take? 

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    2. LukeFRC


      So - DHL delivery today …. Nice little countdown on the tracking page….

      ”you’re next!”

      half an hour later and after the time slot they gave the tracker disappeared off the tracking page.

      my guess, couldn’t find our house straight away so gave up :( 

    3. Obrienp


      Hell! That must be bloody annoying! At least it isn’t saying delivered…. to the wrong house. I have had that a couple of times with boxes of wine ordered from Virgin. I guess it is hard to say no, if somebody offers you a box of booze for nothing!


      I hope they deliver it soon!

    4. LukeFRC


      Apparently although all the bits of the address were on there, my name was in the address and cos of that the delivery driver couldn’t be bothered to work out why the postcode was two sides of a wall … annoying

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