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  1. I have been gigging a Roland DB 700 combo for 10 years and have had no complaints. It has a very usable compressor, and memory functions to save favorite settings. Also, 3 amp models, a chorus, and very easy to use eq section. It also has one of the best woofer/tweeter sounds I've ever heard, and I can pop and slap like crazy with good definition. Roland does'nt get much love and they are way overpriced ( imho ), but , if you can find one used, check it out. I also have mine on a tilt back stand and have heard no loss of low end.
  2. [quote name='xgsjx' post='1074356' date='Jan 1 2011, 08:49 AM']My choice would be 2 2x10s stacked vertically on their ends. It would get the most from what you have, be easier for you to hear what you're playing & give an even dispertion to the audience. However, I would explore how the other options sound first.[/quote] +1. It is always better when adding a second cab to add an identical one. The whole 210/115, etc. debate rages on daily, but, in the end, if it sounds good to you, then it is good. But, people wiser than me when it comes to the tech end of what gear to use, always say to add an identical cab ( 210 + 210, etc. ) , for the best results.
  3. [quote name='bigthumb' post='1071486' date='Dec 29 2010, 04:40 AM']From what you're saying in the OP I would look at Markbass gear. I think it would cover your tone requirements perfectly when using a 15" cab. Light weight too![/quote] +1. try the F1, if you can find a used one. 4.5 lbs and a really good punchy head. I sometimes use one to power a 215 and I'm always surprised how much kick it's got.
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    Gig Amp

    I have been using using a Roland DB 700 combo for 10 years for these types of gigs, with PA support, or not. I think if you have a sensible drummer, who is trying not to be the second coming of John Bonham, you should be ok. The Roland is not lightweight, and , if that is a concern, GK makes some nice lightweight combos in that range.
  5. My second amp has been a GK RB700II, which, if you can find used, is a great head with lots of punch, and very underated as far as power goes, as are most GK heads. It is also built like a tank.
  6. The Carvin LS 1503 cab is very popular with bass players in the states, especially retrofitted with the Eminence 3015 woofer, but sound ok for bass on it's own. I did'nt care for them for bass guitar that much, but do use them for PA stuff ( I have a pair ), and also for home stereo cabs . Don't know if carvin ships to other countries, but they are great bang for the buck cabs. Huge thread on them over on TalkBass.
  7. One of my favorite combos of all time, and one I use on half of my gigs is the Roland DB 700, which has Gain, Volume, and a Master. I typically run the Gain and Volume as hot as I can, and set the Master at noon. But, I never really understood why that Volume knob is there.
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