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  1. I've seen one on offer on GuitarAmpKeyboard - wasn't sure as it looks a bit too metal-ed up and normally basses like that are a bit risky in terms of tone and playing but these reviews are persuading me to get one!
  2. Well, being at the tender age of 17, nothing that major has happened to me, but I have been playing bass for 3 years if that counts for anything, long may it last too!
  3. I know all the notes on the E and A strings and could point them out pretty quickly but I have never actually bothered to transfer it to the upper strings simply because I prefer the tone I get off moving up the fret on strings instead of switching to the higher string. I'm weird I know.
  4. [quote name='Chest Rockwell' post='1155035' date='Mar 9 2011, 11:38 AM']I dont see how that's sensible, but I do see how it's not carbon friendly besides, what's this talk of 'saving space'? that makes no sense in the context of the constant miniaturisation of technology and increased storage capacity. text still takes up the same amount of space as it ever did, it's the pictures and whizz-bang clever web stuff that takes up space. so delete your avatars if you want to save space.[/quote] I was replying to the OP's concerns about being suspicious about the sale once the thread has been deleted, but I see your point
  5. As a child of the 90's i get one of these bad boys: Status Eclipse
  6. It would possibly be a more sensible alternative for the buyer or seller to print screen the thread or PMs as a personal record, thus saving space and having evidence of the sale
  7. Just learned 'Pride And Joy' by Stevie Ray Vaughan, fair to say it's a total b*tch but sounds brilliant if you nail it! Also am in the process of learning Californication by the Chili Peppers, which is taking some amount if learning
  8. Ok, is that some variant on tremelo or alternate picking?
  9. What genres do you play? If it's just standard pop or rock i'd recommend Rotosound 45-105 strings, not too expensive, last a good amount of time and adaptable for multiple styles.
  10. Ok, so I'm learning the song 'Domination' by Pantera, I know the notes etc but the intro is played so fast, obviously i will keep trying but does anyone know any cheeky techniques for speeding up playing? I have tried using both pick and finger style but can't seem to get close - I'm guessing the obvious answer will be practice, practice, practice but any help is warmly welcomed!
  11. [quote name='radansey' post='1089608' date='Jan 14 2011, 07:03 PM']Hmmm, not so sure. Should be interesting trying to find a hard-case for it (and a stand).[/quote] Good job it comes with a hard case then
  12. Right, so I'm looking to build a custom job, I've been suitably inspired by the lovely Yamaha with cream hardware etc. Anyway, I can't decide on a body for the bass, I'm looking for preferably either a double coil or P bass, but I have a thing for wood finishes, I also have a price limit on the actual bass of about £100, so second hand would probably be more sensible. So can anyone add any suggestions for a cheapish bass to use as the body for my custom?
  13. 6 is looking like one of those basses from 'a make near the end of the alphabet' and the bass is named after something suitably fitting with the metal genre
  14. I am using a £5 wall stand at the moment, i think i might invest in something more secure!
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