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  1. Purchased a new board and was surprised at how little time it took me to get everything relatively neat. With room for expansion Tuner > EQ > octave > Alpha Omega > blend pedal with the 2 meatboy fuzz pedals in the loop > phaser > chorus
  2. My band just released our 2nd EP. This is my most accomplished recording with 2 bass solos and a fair amount of noodling! It's available on all major outlets and streaming services but here's the Spotify link. Bass tone comes mostly from my AlphaOmega https://open.spotify.com/album/2JRJhR1pcLsPAtsk6jWNg3?si=kFQo8SU4RiGp-acPk5AZOA
  3. Got more info on tickets. They are £15 if I put your name down on the guest list. If not they are £16,50 OTD
  4. Played a local festival last night, 1st time playing it with the new band and they've really up the game. Lots of activities as well as 2 stages playing back to back music. I think the most fun I've had on stage in a long time. Hopefully we'll have some decent pics but here's a few pics from our mates phone (apologies for the half nakedness, it was hot)
  5. As soon as I know I'll drop you a message on here!
  6. I think about £16 but we're waiting to see if we can get cheaper tickets so gimme a few days and I'll check
  7. State of Ember are delighted to announce that we'll be opening for American rock band Saving Abel, for the Birmingham date of their European tour. It's on Saturday 1st September at The Asylum Venue! Saving Abel have been on countless big tours, (including with Nickelback, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold); the show will also feature Austrian band Psycho Village and US acoustic rock act My Silent Bravery. It's going to be an amazing night! Hit us up for tickets! Massive thanks to Surprise You're Dead Music for getting us on this one 🤘 www.facebook.com/stateofember
  8. So I finally got myself a blue hippo. Tested it in the shop and loved it. Got home and put it on my board and it's unusable. It's just so so loud with no way of turning it down. Is this just an issue with all blue hippos or is it faulty?
  9. Messy cables as I was in the studio and couldn't be arsed to make it all look nice!
  10. So long story short. My band (State of Ember) entered a competition last year as an easy way to gain more fans. The prize was top 10 bands end up on Wreckfest by THQNORDIC. We only went and finished 2nd and now we're being featured on their official trailer! Oh and they are giving us 1000 Dollars. Madness Facebook link below should work! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=617813701889412&id=369063106512335
  11. My new band have just released our 3rd single. We filmed and edited the video ourselves. Video can be found below [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S82NgZFMtMs"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S82NgZFMtMs[/url]
  12. Played the 1st full gig with the new band on Friday night. Also 1st chance to use my Peavey cab that I bought ages ago and has been sat in my front room since. Soundman was almost an hour late which set the whole night back. Sadly no sound check for any band but everything sounded fine. Great reception. Sold some freshly printed t-shirts. Some pics are now up on our Facebook page Https://www.facebook.com/stateofember
  13. My new band have just realised our 2nd single and video. Video was quickly put together by our singer/guitarist. 1st gig is next Friday. Really looking forward to getting back on stage! https://youtu.be/cM7CVpGClyU
  14. [quote name='Jock' timestamp='1482319841' post='3199480'] Nice one! Shared on facebook. [/quote] You are most kind!
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