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  1. I recently bought a warwick corvette of this gentleman and it was an absolute pleasure. Very good communication and i couldn't be happier.
  2. [quote name='Captain Bass' timestamp='1346782098' post='1793200'] Growing up as a bassist I never had problems being kicked out but recently I have been fortunate to be mixing with higher profile musicians/bands. At the start of this year I was the bassist for AxeWound (I tried to change the name) with Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine and Liam (Cancer Bats Singer) we had not even finished recording the album and we were already confirmed for Kerrang front cover and a record deal with Sony (because of the other guys in the band) Basically I was kicked out because they didn't think I had the right image for the band and they got in the bassist from Rise To remain who was kicked out of his band. I also auditioned to play bass for One Direction before they did their first tour, and I was told the exact same thing about my image! [/quote] Because of that AxeWound band my old band's album took over 10 months to mix. The week after we finished recording Matt Tuck had booked the studio and the producer dropped our stuff while we had to wait for them to finish thier sh*t. Btw is it true Matt Tuck's girlfriend/wife/whatever came up with the name as a joke?
  3. Nice work, makes me want to put black hardware on my white Jazz
  4. [quote name='KingBollock' timestamp='1346523207' post='1790280'] I was once asked to audition for one of the bands on that roster. [/quote] Which band was that?
  5. 1) @ stingrayPete - They've already replaced me and from what I've heard the guy knew about it before they kicked me out. 2) @ Shizznit - That is what hurts the most, that they were supposed to be my friends. On a lighter note I have a friend in the security business who told me about a guy he arrested at glastonbury with £600 of drugs on him lol 3) @Sime17 - Oh i'm feeling the basschat support and it's great 4) @solo4652 - Thier reasoning behind it was that they can't wait for me to lose the weight because the label may no longer be interested by that time
  6. The label is called Transcend music http://www.transcendmusic.com/
  7. [quote name='silddx' timestamp='1346491548' post='1789791'] How do you know this mate? [/quote] They told me when they kicked me out. No pussy footing around, they straight up admitted it.
  8. I've already told them that I want an equal share in the song writing credits seeing as I helped write the songs and they are planning on releasing the album I helped record. But I wouldn't be suprised if they tried to screw me over about that as well.
  9. Thanks guys, for all your support and input, I was already in the process of losing the weight but now I have the added incentive to do it just to piss them off!
  10. I've got enough dodgy stories about them to fill several books haha! StingrayPete pointed out about the sh*t player thing, not to sound big headed or anything but I constantly get complemented on my playing. Even the producer of our first album said I'm as good as some big names in metal like Trivium and Machine Head who he has worked with in the past. Gub I won't give you the full name but avoid bands with Havoc in their name
  11. [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1346449084' post='1789517'] 'I'm musical, the rest of them were different'. [/quote] That's brilliant! I'll use that when people ask.
  12. Another thing that really irritates me is that the drummer used to be a big guy himself before losing it all, I would have thought he'd be on my side. Another annoying thing is part of the band name is my user name on here, anyone know how to change it? lol
  13. BassHavoc

    Show us your rig!

    Fender Modern Player Jazz > Korg Pitchplack > Boss GEB-7 > Boss ODB-3 > Sansamp VT (not shown) > Sansamp BDDI (Not shown) > Ashdown ABM Evo II 500 > ABM 410 > ABM 115 I love this rig so much, I can get any tone I want from a punchy Ska/punk tone to a balls to the wall Rock tone to even a Justin Chancellor-esque tone which I absolutely love.
  14. My band, which I helped form almost 3 years ago, had been going through a bit of a dry spell (no gigs for several months) Every member had focusing on other things like earning money to help fund our first major UK tour and caring for sick relatives but we all agreed to hit the road hard come Autumn/winter. But behind my back they had hidden from me that we had been approached by a record label with some kind of deal on the condition, and I quote "They kicked out the overweight bassist" So four of my closest friends decided to stab me in the back for a shot at the big time. But worst of all they are lying to the fans and my friends by saying I left to focus on other things and that I wasn't committed to the band! Pissed off to say the least but I'm curious if anyone in Basschat land has had a similar experience.
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