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Russ Tippins Electric Band

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Hi all

Just a heads up. I've recently recorded a blues / rock album with a very talented guitarist / vocalist called Russ Tippins. I'd be interested in your views. There are some clips at russtippins.com, and a few tracks were played recently on a local radio station: [url="http://www.4shared.com/audio/RyqSRr_v/Russ_Tippins_on_The_Blues_Show.html"]http://www.4shared.com/audio/RyqSRr_v/Russ...Blues_Show.html[/url]

I think it is available for download on itunes and Russ is sorting out national distribution via HMV and Amazon - NB I should stress I'm not on any royalties. I've already received and spent (drank) the paltry session fee!

The album was recorded over a couple of nights at a local north east studio (Cluny Studios) and I can't praise them enough. I don't work there, but I know someone who does, so a big thanks to fellow forum member Leprechaun who did a great job.

For the record I used my (former) Sandberg PM5 through a Line 6 HD750 using the Ampeg model with varying amounts of drive and mildly tweaked eq for different tracks. It was Di'd and miked via an Epi UL310. I think Sean did a bit of eq and compression thereafter but you would need to ask him the details!

Like I said grateful for any feedback.



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