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Cab for Mesa Walkabout head


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So now the gigs are rolling in its time to replace my Eden 4x10 with something lighter. Have blown a load of cash on pedals recently im working to a budget so the likes of Barefaced are out the equation currently. Volume wise i dont need oodles so i could probably get away with a 2x10 which has raised the option of the Fender Rumble 210 v3 cab. I love the silverface look and reviews seem decent. There is also the silverfaced Ashdown RM210 evo though ive been a bit ‘meh’ with previous ashdown cabs which also may rule out the local VS212 that has come up. Gigs are mainly small/medium pubs and band is not overly loud so i am convinced a 210 would cover most things. Does anyone have real life experience of the rumble 210 as a standalone cab? The VS212 is very cheap and local so again, anyone used one as a standalone live cab?

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