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Looking for second guitarist - Southampton/Portsmouth/Surrounding Areas


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We are looking for 2nd guitarist to complete a lineup for a progmetal (djenty?) band. We have all other positions accounted for and an EP that has been written and awaiting recording.

We are looking for someone experienced, skilled, committed and reliable, with their own car and gear. The ideal person will be happy to use in iems and play to a click as the songs have a lot of production to them. In addition the ideal person will be confident playing complex music with polyrhythms and unusual structures.

We are also looking for someone to contribute creatively to the songwriting process, so the ideal person will have strong riff/songwriting chops. There are not specific lead/rhythm roles, rather we are looking for a proficient guitarist who can best serve the needs of the songs without squabbling over which parts to play.

We will probably use an audition process that involves learning and playing through 1 or 2 of our songs together.


About us:

We are all long term players with a long history of metal music under our belts and we are also all based in different locations.

Guitarist is based in the Havant area, Bassist in Portsmouth, Drummer in Southampton and the Singer in Basingstoke. We have made this work through modern bedroom tools and get together once every few weeks for an in person rehearsal. We have invested in equipment for our live performances to ensure accuracy of the playing.


Our goal is to take this material live within the next few months.

Examples/snippets of material below:





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