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Fernandes Gravity


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SO I know that the MIJ Gravity basses are fabulous, I used to have one, but does anyone have or know anything about the later Chinese ones? Any good?

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I first owned a Korean Gravity Deluxe 5, then added a Chinese Gravity Deluxe 5 (circa 2005 IIRC). Both were bolt-on (this was some years before they issued the neckthru' version. I preferred the Korean one. Looked and felt better. And also the neck pickup position in the Chinese one was a little recessed (pickups were closer) and I don't liked the tone much. Still a solid bass. Wouldn't pay more than 200$ for one of those used these days. Can't speak about the further (and current?) neck-thru' version, haven't even seen any of those 'round here (Spain).

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4 hours ago, Rayman said:

Thanks for that, yeah £150 is the asking price, just wondered if it was worth modding up a bit.

Sincelerely, for that kinda' money, you can have a bass with more personality tonewise. I find Gravities pretty generic sounding. Had them for MANY years, and liked them, but my tastes shifted with time.

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