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Dimarzio cliplock strap. 2 inch nylon blue strap. Large replacement fixing screws and washers. Slightly tatty , 1980s strap- see photos for conditionAC83616F-E32B-4DF7-8C08-4C84B4C157B0.thumb.jpeg.3f1a5767277a5024483a0f79317149a7.jpegEA3BA798-0EF5-4155-9892-7AC0CAB3CE65.thumb.jpeg.0570d4a3a5d0a78efa8a52971b5e9fc4.jpeg0EB472AF-06CC-45F9-A7B6-FCC5202DF3D0.thumb.jpeg.d2316a689b5099dc8e159eb32c7d6220.jpegD5D28FB2-4644-4152-AAD6-2804C0714C07.thumb.jpeg.f38d26c187f94092ff0d362d808afb36.jpeg2BBE4A20-D8D5-4B5C-9447-EC69A8D874DB.thumb.jpeg.dd7327ada6dacae94e4d4543735188b7.jpeg

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    • By adamlunt
      Hi everyone,
      I’ve decided to list my old P Bass in favour of something a little more traditional, perhaps with a sunburst and rosewood flavour. Not a desperate sale by any means, but I have a strict 1 in 1 out policy. 
      As you can see, it’s a great example of an old school ash-body, maple-board P Bass. Ready for punk and indie, but can handle soulful RnB all the same.
      I’ve owned the bass for just over five years now, and as a player’s instrument it’s certainly served it’s purpose, so as I’m sure you can understand, it isn’t in collector’s condition. The previous owners have modded the bass over the years as follows:
      Dimarzio PAF pickup - Earlier version of the Model P with the cream cover. Loud and punchy in the mids, but surprisingly dynamic. BadassII bridge installed at some point - Just the badass-est bridge ever! CTS pots - The originals probably wore out. For me, this just ensures the bass works. In 2020 (amidst all the chaos) I had the bass refretted with narrow/tall frets, and as a result it plays like a dream. I chose narrow/tall because they feel comfortable, and have used Daddario Chromes solidly, meaning there is no wear whatsoever. Even the most small-handed players should feel right at home!
      The body has some wear where a previous owner had fitted and removed a thumb rest, and the neck has some areas where the finish has come away, but this is no way affects playability.
      I know the important question with basses from the era is the weight, and while I don’t have scales, I’m guessing it’s 4.5-5kg, with most of the weight in the body. I'm 5'7" and around 9.5st, and it has never felt uncomfortable.
      I am looking for a sale at this point, as I hope to fund another bass, but if there is a nice sunburst P Bass out there, I am prepared to exchange with cash your way if needed. And I'm sure it goes without saying, please feel free to get in touch for more pics or info.
      All the best,


    • By AndyTheBassBison
      Price dropped to £20 includes shipping and you get all packaging and a bonus (discoloured) A string! These cost me £30 from Thomann once shipping and VAT were added and are practically unused. When I received them the A string was a different colour - Warwick kindly sent me a replacement. I’ve only had the D string and discoloured A string on my bass before realising these are not for me - I’m pretty fussy and like a super low tension strings like thomastik flats. These are classed as medium scale (32”) strings but they fit my 34” P bass fine with plenty of winding. Let me know if you have any questions.
      Here are the specs - https://m.thomann.de/gb/warwick_bass_string_set_045_105_464150.htm


    • By hooky_lowdown
      Vintage DiMarzio cream pickups (1979). Good condition and excellent working order. The pickups measure 11.34k Ohms. Long wires.
      £55 plus postage.

    • By loremil
      Handmade in the US, this brown leather strap by LK features a multi-colour LK logo and a wide range of adjustable lengths. Ideal for heavier instruments, the strap has a worn-in feeling due to LK using repurposed leather. Purchased a year ago, the strap only has some minor wear and tear around the strap holes.
      Collection in Hackney, London or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking and have a premium day 🙂

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