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"Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bass Backing Track

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Hi there guys, just sharing this bassless backing track for one of the most recurrent tunes for guys getting into slap.

I hope it comes handy for anyone looking for practice tracks to move that thumb :)



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      A funky little solo piece that I wrote for tenor bass, vaguely inspired by Stanley Clarke:
    • By BassLard
      Hi there guys! Some days ago I realized there wasn´t a single backing track just for bass uploaded on YouTube for this well known funk track, and since I had one on my PC I figured out it could be useful for many bass players looking to practice this classic bassline or just jam along with it to share it on the web.
      So here it is. I also dared to upload a little jam example over the BT at the beggining in the rare case someone doesn´t know it and wants to listen a bit before putting hands on it. In case you know the song you can obviously skip that part and save yourself from seeing my cheap bass, under-average playing and not-so-pretty face, lol.
      Being serious again, I hope this comes handy for anyone looking to practice. Thanks a lot for watching/listening!
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      NOW 815 GBP - 950€ (open for offers)   I am selling a great sounding and nice to play classic Jazz Bass: Alder Body, Rosewood Fretboard, Fender Vintage PUs, 4 Kg, nice aging.   The Bass was build around 2010/11 in the first Line of the Roadworn Series. The Parts are all american but the Bass was assembled in Mexico. Its a great Jazz Bass with Vintage Feel and classic vintage Jazz Bass Sound, that always fits in the mix.    EU Shipping is no problem, feel free to ask any Questions.

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