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G&L M2500 (Tribute) SOLD IN AN HOUR!! 😎💜
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Sadly, with no gigs (or even rehearsals) on the immediate horizon, I just can't justify keeping a back-up 5 string. And I really can't bring myself to sell my ACG!

Fantastic instrument, that punches well above it's modest price tag. All the MM sounds, but with the versatility of a jazz bass. 3-band Eq. Maple neck and board. Beautifully balanced, and not heavy for a fiver at 10lb (4.6kg).

Immaculate condition. Not a mark on the body, but a tiny amount of corrosion on the edge of the bridge (which you've really got to look hard to see). A great player that I would happily gig with - but my need for cash is greater right now 😢 No hard case, but a nice padded Fender gigbag is included.

Shipping within the UK mainland is included in the price, as is delivery anywhere in the North East of England. You can also collect it from North Tyneside 😎

No trades please. If I didn't need the cash I wouldn't be selling it!

2020-12-11 11.38.21.jpg

2020-12-12 10.57.27.jpg

2020-12-12 10.58.01.jpg

2020-12-12 10.57.48.jpg

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Typos and avoidance of trades...
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And now sold! Wow, less than an hour. After a month on Facebook.... Basschat is awesome! :santa::sun_bespectacled:

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