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Friedman Tour Pro 1520 Goldpack Pedalboard/Buffer/Riser/Case
Southampton (UK)

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Currently the board is covered in pedals, so hard to take a great photo...see stock photo below.

I can take the pedals off and shoot some photos, if anyone is interested :)

This is a killer board complete wit wah/volume riser and Buffered In/OUT/MIDI. Complete with Dlx Softcase (semi rigid) 


Collection from Southampton, or postage available at Buyers Expense :) 


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    • By iamtheelvy
      For sale - Two Pedaltrain pedalboards. Both are the same dimensions, width and depth-wise - 24 x 12.5 inches.
      The PT-2 is the older model. A slightly flatter profile, with ports at the back for power supply plugs to fit through. Some drill holes in the rear for previous power supplies (fits a Voodoo Lab 4x4) and some dual-lock left behind from a Voodoo Lab x4. Carry case comes with a shoulder strap and useful front pocket.
      The Classic 2 is the newer model. A slightly taller profile, with an open rail at the back for power supply plugs to fit through. Again, some drill holes in the rear for previous power supplies (fits a Voodoo Lab 4x4). Carry case comes with a shoulder strap, but no front pocket (strangely, a removed feature on later models.
      Power supplies/brackets are NOT included in sale!
      Boards with their respective cases are £70 each delivered. Can do a deal if both bought together.

    • By d_g
      Having a bit of a gear clearout. This is my Pedaltrain Mini (now discounted) - size is 20"x7" so almost the same as the Metro 20. All covered in velcro, has been well used but has plenty more gigs left in it.   £30 picked up or £35 delivered in UK.   Any questions, give me a shout. Thanks Dan              
    • By Ben Jamin
      As part of a gear clear-out I'm looking to sell my Flightcase Warehouse Spider Medium Pedalboard Case!
      I've owned this from new since 2012/13 and it's bomb-proof. It's big enough for a moderately sized pedal collection and It comes with a handy board for velcroing pedals too.
      Happy to offer to you for £60 £50 plus postage, or I can drive a short way for a safe delivery/hand-off.
      Because it's quite heavy it'd probably be best to collect or arrange a hand-off etc.
      Stickers are removable!
      Thanks for looking 

    • By Spirosk13
      As im building up my pedalboard (6 atm tuner, big muff, sans amp svt, HX stomp, exp pedal, noise gate, possibly adding 2-3 more) I am thinking of adding a buffer in the mix. Im doing research and it seems that mesa has one of the best products out there.
      Has anyone ever used it on bass?
      Any other suggestions on buffer pedals would be much appreciated
    • By ChrisGordon
      Price Drop, £120! 
      (This time in the right forum 🙈)
      Not much to say about this. Brought a while back for a tour. After which it was put into storage. Just a few light scuffs from loading in and out of van. Other than that it’s near mint! I would prefer collection or a meet up. Don’t mind getting a courier but due to the size it will cost serious £‘s so please bear that in mind. 
      These retailed upwards of £250. Be sure to tell your guitar playing mates as well 😉 

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