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Tim Chapple

Fusion Bass Instrumental

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    • By TheGreek

    • By Marky Screen
      Jazz wiring loom taken from a MIM 5 string in good nick.
      Comes with grounding lead and screws for those that like to shield their cavities.
      UK postage inc. 

    • By bloke_zero
      £150 posted (in a softcase) OBO
      For your consideration a 1995 (or there abouts) Peavey Forum Bass. The second iteration with a single VFL humbucker and active preamp (Axcel I think it said on the PCB?)
      “Quality equipment for working musicians at fair prices.” - Hartley Peavey
      This bass has seen active service and as such don't be afraid to make an offer if you think the price is too high. It has chips out of the body all over and a slight ding in the fingerboard, nothing that affects playability.  There is plenty of wear in the frets and the neck is straight and true.
      It's a great sounding bass with  an 18V active preamp providing plenty of body.  Here is a little snippet I recorded today after putting copper shielding (before it was impossibly noisy):
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/cyky3rkuzw3qpue/Peavy Forum EQ.wav?dl=0
      Recorded direct with a little bit of compression on the way in this shows the EQ with straight, bass cut, bass boost, treble boost and last treble cut.
      EQ is shelving with +/-12dB at 96Hz for bass and 255Hz for treble, which as you can hear above is plenty.
      Neck: Maple with rosewood fingerboard. 1.7″ at the nut with a depth of about 0.75" at the 3rd fret with a fairly flat radius.  It's a nice shallow C profile, very playable.
      Frets: 21 nickel-silver
      Body: Swamp Ash or Alder, poly finish
      Pickup: harmonically placed VFL Plus active unit
      Preamp: 18v +-12db shelving EQ bass and treble
      Weight: 9lb 10oz
      Overall it's a fun bass to play, a bit heavy but it never bothered me. No neck dive, plenty of 'meat and potatoes' tone with the active preamp. Good EQ frequencies make it easy to dial in dub or new wave. Great American craftmanship!
      Frets have some wear but minor - see pics
      Electronics in good shape and benefited from copper shielding, pots quiet, preamp quiet and powerful
      Very playable and dependable instrument that has been gigged many times and will hopefully gig many times more
      Wide range of tones, good pickup
      Easy to get in tune and intonated correctly - bridge saddles in good shape.
      Some fret buzz on the D string at the 12th fret - frets could use some leveling - it's set to Fender standard 2.5mm and is barely noticeable there - if you wanted to go lower it would be problematic at that fret on D - 13th fret needs slightly lowering for the D.
      Many chips in finish
      Had to put some solder on the E tuning peg where it is slightly bent and was rattling (now silent and functions well, but bend is noticeable)
      The truss rod allen nut is a bit mashed - it's how it came to me.  I have never had an issue with getting purchase, but you need to be patient and make sure the key is in before turning.
      Here is a link to a bit of Peavey Forum history: https://www.vintageguitar.com/14373/peavey-forum-basses/

    • By binkybongo
      DOB 7 March 1969
      Possible trades 4 string- MM Fender Overwater Lakland
      Pictures and video added
      This is a true beauty I’ve decided should be with someone else who will treasure it and play it more then I and I.
      I had one of these the first time around - then Ricks, Celinder and CS basses but always hankered back to a real 60s Jazz - then this very special laid-back looking instrument came up.
      Alder body with ebony fretboard and beautiful maple binding by master luthier Jimmy Moon. 'Very comfortable A' profile slim neck - slimmer than '64 CSs I've owned.
      The neck is in lovely condition, has a subtle flaming and like the rest of the bass has acquired the sweetest sound, character and the authentic patina and feel only 50 years can give.
      Sounds just as you would expect - an authoritative true vintage tone with a wide palette and a comfortable 9lb.
      Originally sunburst - pictured, the previous owner who bought the bass new. It has all original pick ups and electronics.  
      He took it for a set up to a music dealer where some oik damaged the truss rod which is when Mr Moon was commissioned to make the bass unique.
      The ebony fingerboard is gorgeous and as you can see is set off by the understated mother of pearl dots.
      That’s it.
      Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in tune.
      Based near Manchester, could meet within reason, comes with substantial Fender case.
      PS - I am a professional photographer - the buyer will receive a Marcus Miller poster with my compliments. https://www.william-ellis.com/

    • By r_vw52
      Right, so I've had this old Peavey Century 200 (4ohm) head sitting around for AGES, finally the other day I decided to give it some company by purchasing a TC Electronic 2x10 (8ohm) cab.

      Because the Peavy is 6,000 years old and the cab is pretty modern, they both have different connection plugs (Peavey is standard 6.5mm jack output while the cab is Speakon input).

      So I buy the right cable to connect them, turn on the power and everything seems ok. A short while later however I start getting this almighty thudding sound, like a heartbeat on steroids. It doesn't matter which dials I turn on the amp, even with everything dialled off, I still get the thudding sound. I look at the speakers and they're about to jump out of the cab.

      Here's the weird part though, when I tilt the head 45 degrees, the thudding stops completely and everything functions as it should. I should also mention there is quite a lot of heat, I'm sensing this is a bad thing as I've never had an amp kick out so much heat.

      I'm hoping someone can help me understand what's going on before I ultimately burn down my house.
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