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[SOLD] Rockboard DUO 2.1 Pedalboard with Soft Case
Hackney, London

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Selling this Rockboard DUO 2.1 Pedalboard with Gigbag as I'm "downgrading" to something even smaller. Great sturdy and well-built pedalboard, it includes velcro, a hole on the side and a bottom mount for the power supply. Comes with durable carry case with handles and shoulder strap.

Collection in London or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking.

  • Sturdy and light aluminum construction
  • Slotted design for easy pedal mounting
  • Made from cold-rolled aluminum
  • Angled and absolutely plain board surface - no weld seams
  • Robust black powder-coated surface
  • Dimensions (L x W) 460 x 146 mm / 18 1/8 x 5 3/4
  • Height incl. rubber feet 35 - 58 mm / 1 3/8 - 2 5/16
  • Weight board 720 g / 1.59 lbs.
  • Includes gig bag
  • Approx. weight of bag 450 g / 0.99 lbs.


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    • By vincbt
      Having upgraded to a Thumb NT 5, it is now time for me to sell my Warwick Thumb BO 4.
      I bought this bass a few years ago now, but it has sadly spent a lot of time at home in its case or on the stand, so that it is in quite good conditions, without any significant dings and scratches. 
      The bass was made in 2009 (S/N A 148778 09) it has an ovangkol body, ovangkol neck, wenge fingerboard, 2-way MEC preamp, MEC pickups and black hardware. It mounts a Just-A-Nut III in brass which is standard for the year it was made in, I find it significantly better than the plastic JAN II in terms of durability, sound and sustain.
      Other than that, I don't have much to say other than it is a German Warwick Thumb, with all the pros and cons this bass has.
      Please let me know if you have any questions. I prefer collection or meeting in person but can look into UK shipping (not touching international shipping post-Brexit, sorry), please let me know if required and I can look into it.
      Price is £950. No trades please, I'm only looking to sell this outright.

    • By SaimoN
      For sale my Warwick Thumb BO 5 bass.
      Made in 2003, body & neck ovangkol, wenge fingerboard, 2-way MEC preamp & MEC pickups.
      Bass is in great condition for it's years. Electronics are working fine, it's fully adjustable (no trussrod or bridge problems), frets show no signs of wear. Nut changed to Just-A-Nut III, new tailpiece installed (can fit thicker B string now).
      Bass sounds great, has lots of that famous Warwick growl, and is really "in yer face" punchy in the mix. Neck isn't that thick (at least compared to my '08 'Vette $$) and it's more of a C shape than a D shape really. You can set your action really low. Either way, it's really comfy to play. It has no neckdive & isn't much of a neck heavy.
      The price is £1200/€1400 - including case, insured shipment within the EU, and PayPal costs (I can do this money transfer only).
      Sound samples:

    • By rockman
      Selling my stunning 2002 Warwick Streamer Stage 1 5 string bass. No trades I'm afraid - I'm downsizing my collection!
      AAA Quilted Maple body and Flamed Maple neck. MEC active pickups with gold hardware. This bass has a John East U-Retro preamp fitted, offering even greater sonic options than the original preamp.
      This a broadneck version, with the wider string spacing closer to a standard 4 string.
      Weight is about 4.2kg (9 1/2 lbs). It's a chunky piece of wood, but it's so nicely balanced!!
      This beautiful bass has been well used and well loved. There are some shallow scratches an buckle rash on the back - I think it had a tough life before I bought it back in 2008.
      Serial no: L 096776-02 - born on 28/11/2002 (according to Warwick)
      I will have the bass professionally serviced and setup before selling.
      Based in Bristol and will happily deliver within the local area, or we could meet up somewhere mutually convenient. Not sure about shipping to be honest, but I can look into this if required.
      Please give me a shout if you have any questions!

    • By nige1968
      Will bump this now and then until I lose the will to live ...
      I have for sale the original, used-once 9v 2-band, four-pot electronic innards from a Warwick Rockbass Streamer NT.
      NB: This came from a bass with active pickups. There's one used with passive pickups below. I can't discern any physical difference, but hey.
      The part number is SP - RB125 and normally sells for a snadge over £50 plus postage from Germany.
      Details here: https://shop.warwick.de/en/pickups/accessories-parts/bass-electronics/21366/active-electronic-for-passive-pus-vol-balmn250k-treble-bass  No longer available?
      Controls are volume, pup blend, bass and treble. Knobs available should you need them.
      Pots marked as follows (wire wraps are labelled): Volume Alpha A25kΩ; pup blend (M?)N250K; Treble B 50K; Bass none found, presumed covered in solder! Everything was removed by a proper luthier, not me. Electronics mystify me.
      So on the off-chance you have a Rockbass with four holes, and a broken preamp, this is your replacement.
      It's vaguely possible you might think of another use for it but I can't, and I won't hold my breath waiting for suggestions.
      Price includes delivery. Fill your bootses.

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