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Chowny CBH-1 Bass

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Hi all

Just a quick one I have a Chowny CHB-1 semi hollow body bass guitar, I am looking to upgrade the pickups they are humbucker style 


What would you advise for an upgrade






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What is it you Don't like about them and what are your tone goals?

This would be a good starting point before people start weighing in with random suggestions.

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    • By kdubb24
      Up for sale is a pair of older model Sadowsky 4 String Humcancelling Pickups with raised A & D poles
      Perfect working condition, the neck pickup hot lead is a little short and cover has a little cosmetic damage as shown in photo (hidden when the pup is mounted) or you can put them in other covers 😉
      £75 delivered

    • By bassmansam
      After doing some research it seems Overwater pickups have a 'flat response' and are not everyones cup of tea. 
      I'm trying to decide whether to go with them or maybe have some Barts installed on my custom Overwater Jazz? 
      I know that if I go with the Overwaters I won't be able to swap them out further down the line as they're drilled differently. 
      I'm wanting the sound to have some bark to it and wondered everyone's opinions who have owned Overwater Basses? 
      Just as a side note the bass will have the Overwater Preamp installed. 
    • By Nickthebass
      I’ve got a mid-80s Squire Jazz that I’m going to soup up in a (sort of but not really) copy of Paul Turner’s 1960s Olympic White Jazz. I know it won’t make me sound like him, the tone is in his hands etc. not a daft fan boy - but it’s a well known and well heard reference point.
      Anyone any thoughts of pick-ups? From what I can see it’s pretty much a coin flip between Nordstrand and Lindy Fralin (pretty similar price points).
      Any other options to add to the mix? The Fender equivalents seem a bit over priced.
    • By iamtheelvy
      Fender Jazz Bass pickups out of a ‘99 American Jazz Bass. Well used, but working and sounding great. Only replaced in favour of hum-cancellers.
      Measurements are approx (+/- some fractions of a mm):
      94 x 18mm Bridge
      92 x 18mm Middle/neck
      £60 delivered.

    • By Marky Screen
      I've gone more old school sounding with my pj config bass so these are up for sale.
      Amazing pickups. Ceramic big pole model.
      They absolutely ooze build quality, when changing them out it was kinda shocking how much better built they were than dimarzios, EMG etc.
      The marketing drivel of being in-between a p-bass and a stingray soundwise seem for once to me to be right on the money. 
      They are very full range flat response frequency wise with much more extended bass and treble compared with more normal sounding pups and very hot output without being overhyped. Takes drop tunings very well with very focused bottomed end.
      The jazz pup is humbucking so the set are extremely low/no noise.
      A bit of cosmetic wear to the p-pup cover with the logo slightly rubbed off but other good. Good length on the wire and comes with springs and screws.
      Price includes UK postage.

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