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New Fender American Professional Jazz - Price Drop

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NOW £1050


Brand new Fender American Professional Jazz.

Bought it new from a store in USA as a moving away/returning to UK present to myself. By the time I got back to Europe, situation has changed and now have to let it go to a new loving owner.

Comes as/with all you would expect from a brand new bass (including protective plastics, etc.)

One thing to mention - US border, after inspecting the case, didn't bother to put it back into its packaging, so case ended up with a few scuffs (could be seen in one of the pictures).


Collection from South East London or a possible drop off within M25.








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    • By nige1968
      £799 (ono) delivered in UK only, or pick up from Brighton.
      Through gritted teeth I am selling my Flea Road Worn Jazz Bass. It's a long story, but I ended up buying two Road Worns at the same time, and I prefer the red one. I'd like to keep a stack-knob too, but my bank would disapprove and my wife would leave me.
      Nice dark rosewood board, faded shell pink lacquer, CS64 pups and weighs 4.1kg according to the bathroom scales. Comes in a new-looking Fender gig bag.
      Full disclosure: This is a 2016 bass, but with a (genuine, new) 2020 replacement body purchased from Stratosphere in the US [eBay listing here].
      It is 100% stock apart from:
      Kiogon solderless loom replacing the original pots and wiring * Genuine Fender brass external earthing strip (purely decorative) Genuine Fender Road Worn strap button on rear of headstock. * Knobs and plate are original, only pots and wiring are changed - shout if you'd like the originals included.
      You probably won't like my wussy light strings and cig-paper action, so allow for that. The neck is straight and the truss works just fine. All the electrical bits work just fine and sound ace.
      Here's the official spec page: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/artist-jazz-bass/flea-jazz-bass/0141020356.html
      Ask about any other stuff if you like. I'm open to offers but not silly ones, as I need to recoup some costs.
      More pics:

    • By binkybongo
      DOB 7 March 1969
      Possible trades plus cash 4 string- MM Fender Overwater Lakland
      Pictures and video added
      This is a true beauty I’ve decided should be with someone else who will treasure it and play it more then I and I.
      I had one of these the first time around - then Ricks, Celinder and CS basses but always hankered back to a real 60s Jazz - then this very special laid-back looking instrument came up.
      Alder body with ebony fretboard and beautiful maple binding by master luthier Jimmy Moon. 'Very comfortable A' profile slim neck - slimmer than '64 CSs I've owned.
      The neck is in lovely condition, has a subtle flaming and like the rest of the bass has acquired the sweetest sound, character and the authentic patina and feel only 50 years can give.
      Sounds just as you would expect - an authoritative true vintage tone with a wide palette and a comfortable 9lb.
      Originally sunburst - pictured, the previous owner who bought the bass new. It has all original pick ups and electronics.  
      He took it for a set up to a music dealer where some oik damaged the truss rod which is when Mr Moon was commissioned to make the bass unique.
      The ebony fingerboard is gorgeous and as you can see is set off by the understated mother of pearl dots.
      That’s it.
      Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in tune.
      Based near Manchester, could meet within reason, comes with substantial Fender case.
      PS - I am a professional photographer - the buyer will receive a Marcus Miller poster with my compliments. https://www.william-ellis.com/

    • By Marc S
      I need to thin the herd - especially as gigs are non-existent currently
      Can't believe I'm doing this  but as my Roadworn Jazz hasn't sold - I'm putting this superb JV Jazz up for sale. I only need one Jazz bass - as I usually gig one of my P basses (or my PJ)

      I only took this bass in trade a short while ago, from a fellow BC member. It is in absolutely amazing condition for its' age - there's hardly a mark on it. Any slight dings are quite tricky to photograph. The Oly white has aged and yellowed very nicely  Moreover, the bass feels and sounds absolutely amazing - it's the best sounding passive Jazz I've ever owned or even played. I put it through my main bands' PA some weeks back, and it blew me away. The neck just feels really comfortable to play too - slimmer than my Roadworn Jazz and either of the two US Jazzes I owned. Not perhaps as slim as a MIJ Reissue that I once recall playing.... It also just "feels" so silky smooth & comfortable....
      Strung with Flats (which has become my penchant) - I can let you have the nearly brand new rounds that came with the bass

      My only slight "issue" is that the bass weighs 4.5 Kg according to my digital scales (they seem accurate enough) - which is half a kilo more than my RW. That's not a huge difference, I know... except to my ageing shoulders

      I don't want to post this bass, so COLLECTION / MEET UP only - I've got a nice Bose battery powered PA and amp headphones so you can hear it. (once local lockdown in Cardiff is over!) No Trades Please - I'm only selling to thin the herd.


    • By Marky Screen
      Decided to go total coverage on my jazz cavity, brrrrrr, so these are up for grabs.
      2 pickups plates , 1 control plate and grounding lead.
      Taken from a fender CIJ 75 RI
      UK postage inc.

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