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Mustang v musicmaster v bronco necks

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Hi All,

This is a topic which comes up a fair bit - but I couldn't find a consensus. Does anybody happen to know if the necks on the current Mustang Vintera/American Performer/PJ are interchangeable with their respective bodies? In other words, can a Vintera body have an American Performer neck? (There is method in this madness, eventually). I'm assuming that the neck heel and neck pocket dimensions would be compatible?

Secondly, are the necks of the Mustangs/Musicmasters/Broncos all switchable within reason as well? I have a few projects lined up, but I'm no luthier. And when I meet one to discuss an idea, I try to keep the number of times I look woefully ignorant/their eye-rolling to a minimum.



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All I can tell you for certain is that I put a Bronco bass neck on a MIM PJ Mustang body and it was a perfect fit. 

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