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String tension BB435

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Any recommendations for strings on a bb435. The B original fitted on this bass is like an elastic band and no amount of neck relief etc seems to stop rattles all over the string length. The string is strung through the body but I can’t see that through body stringing can make any difference as the scale is still from the nut to the saddle 34”.

Is an elastic B normal on BB basses.

My main bass is a 35” scale GB Bass and even with 120 gauge on the B it can be adjusted for no rattles etc.

I realise there is a scale length difference and also a price difference between those two but is this how the B string is on a 435?

So before it gets rejected any suggestions ?

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I’ve had a very similar experience, unfortunately. The B sounds workable fresh out of the package, but what little zing is in there disappears a bit too soon. Since the other strings have a nice and strong piano-like quality to them, the difference is kind of hard to miss. Too bad, really.

I bought a P35 bridge to see if it might alleviate the problem, but unfortunately it’s not a direct replacement... I haven’t felt like going ahead with it.

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