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Aguilar DB680 DROPDOWN NEW PRICE 1100 Euro
Trento Italy

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DB 680 in very good conditions

The rolls roice of all the valve bass preamp 

Just for pure bass sound intenditors. 

1200  1100 EUROS Shipping included in EU











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    • By Typhus
      Up for sale or trade is my Fodera Emperor DLX 5-string! 
      In really good shape and been played alot! It had Seymour Duncan jazz-style pickups in it but those have been changed to Aguilar DCB to give this bass more "modern" sound. The whole bass came alive after this operation. 
      Ask if you have some questions!
      Price is 6400euros 6000euros including shippin inside EU.  
      Partial trades to 5-strings from:
      Fodera (Different wood/pickups combo, NO standard models thanks!)
      MTD USA
      Alleva Coppolo
      - 3-piece maple neck
      - "35 scale
      - brass nut
      - 24-frets
      - Ebony fretboard  (Macassar if I remember right)
      - Dovetail neck-joint
      - 2-piece mahogany body
      - Figured walnut top and headstock
      - Abadlone butterfly without black outlines
      - birth year 2010
      - Aguilar DCB pickups
      - Mike Pope custom preamp
      - Golden hardware
      - original case and tools
      Heres a small sample of the bass played straight to soundcard:

    • By thodrik
      Various pedals that were formerly on my pedal board but have not been on it for some time.

      I don’t have original boxes or manuals as most of them were purchased over five years and five flat/house moves ago.

       I have priced the pedals per item. I am happy to do a deal if you want to buy more than one pedal. If you want to buy more than one pedal feel free to PM me an offer.
      The price does not include postage. I am in the Orkney Isles so postage to the UK is usually about £5 per pedal when I send them by Signed For 1st Class post. 

       No trades thanks.
      At the moment I can only confidently ship to the UK.
      I can do more detailed  up close pics of each pedal if you want.

      Aguilar Agro: Edit: was £80,  EDIT: PRICE DROP £70 - (sold pending)
      I bought this new pretty much as soon as it was released. The pedal still works fine, but there are scuffs and signs of use you would expect from being used as main gigging overdrive for 5 years.

      Aguilar Octamizer: was £90, EDIT: PRICE DROP £80 (sold pending)
      Really good octave pedal. In better condition that the Agro as I only used it for about 6 months. I do a lot of downtuning so really I have never 'needed' an octave pedal.
      Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver: £70 (SOLD)
      I might regret this, but I haven’t used this in a couple of years. Scuffs and signs of use over the years. I still have the original tin box it came in so I will include that.
      Boss Bass ODB3 Bass Overdrive: £30 (SOLD)
      My first bass overdrive! Bought in 1999 and gigged until 2008. So yes, lots of signs of use. Still works perfectly because it is a Boss. Much more flexible than its reputation.
      Boss CEB-3: was £60, EDIT: PRICE DROP £40
      I bought this in 2006 and have never actually used it so minimal signs of use. Works perfectly.
      Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor: £30 (sold)
      Not used this since I started playing Sadowskys! Quite a few scuffs but it works fine.
      Mooer Bass Fog Overdrive: was £30, EDIT PRICE DROP: £20 (sold pending)
      Funky little mini pedal. Very hairy sounding. Not really used much. Sounds cool on guitar too.
      AKAI Professional Drive 3 Fuzz: was £50, EDIT PRICE DROP: £30
      Really more of a guitar pedal. Essentially it is Big Muff clone but has three different settings.

      Thanks for viewing.


    • By koval123
      Hi, up for sale goes a complete set of EMG BQC System for bass guitars. It is 4-knobs (incl. 2 stacked) Active Balance, Master Volume, Bass/Treble stacked, Mids/Midrange stacked. There is a center detent for flat response. The mid-range control has a variable frequency knob that allows you to sweep through the mid-frequency range from 100Hz to 1KHz. This selects the frequency to boost or cut. Solderless harness included as well as non-original but pretty knobs (not present on the picture). Sending possible, ask me for the cost.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So anyone got any experience with the relatively new tiny AMT A-Bass and AMT O-Bass tube preamp pedals from their Bricks series, which were just released earlier this year, the two pedals being repectively an Alembic style preamp and an Orange style preamp?
      I am pondering on acquiring one of them and use it in combination with the NUX Soiid Studio that I just bought, for cab IR and poweramp simulation, since these tiny tube preamp pedal doesn't feature any form of cab sim.
      So I am interesting in knowing if they are any good to use primarily as a clean preamp for dialing in my main tone, and what to expect from the two pedals respectively, so I have an idea of weather I should chose the Orange or Alembic style preamp?
      Here's the link to the A-Bass on AMT's homepage :
      And Here's the link to the O-Bass :
      They are quite reasonable priced as well, just about 175 Euro/156£ (Thomann prices, though they only seem to carry the A-Bass in their stock), and the tubes works at proper high voltage too, around 250V to 300V. 
      Edit!!! : Just found these YouTube demos featuring the 2 pedals, and judging from those it seems like the A-Bass will be closest to my personal taste, plus the A-Bass got a Mid and Treble frequency shift switch, unlike the O-Bass, both got a Bright switch though (in fact to me the A-Bass sounds great, while the O-Bass sounds like crap, though that might be the fault of the guy demoing the pedals) : 
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