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*SOLD* Warwick Streamer LX 5 Strings Made in Germany Also for Trade
Vicenza, Italy

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I'm selling this beautiful Warwick Streamer LX made in Germany.

It sounds amazing and has a great Low B, but i do not play much at the moment and i would rather sell it to someone who can give it what it deserves :)

The bass is in very good condition, it only has a few marks on the lower part of the body, as shown in the pics.


Ovangkol Neck

Wenge Fingerboard

Gold Hardware

Flamed Maple top

Active 2 Ways electronics

Truss rod cover is missing



I accept payment with bank transfer or Paypal (+4% on final price)

I can ship In Italy for 27€, in all Europe for 55£,  and to the USA for 165£

I might be interested in trades with Warwick Corvette $$ 5 Strings, Warwick Thumb, Fender Jazz USA (or Marcus Miller signature Japan), Fender Precision USA, Music Man Stingray, Dingwall... anyways feel free to make me some other offers

(in case of long distance trades i will ship my bass as soon as i receive yours :) )


For any other info feel free to contact me


s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (3).jpg

s-l1600 (4).jpg

s-l1600 (5).jpg

s-l1600 (6).jpg


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21 hours ago, Graham_C said:

Wow, this is really nice. Does it have the Warwick strap locks etc?

Thank you! It has regolar strap buttons

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7 hours ago, Bass Boomer said:

Does it have a wide neck?

The neck Is quite Thick, but i wouldn't Say It Is Wide. The string spacing should be 16mm so quite Little, also the Warwick bridge allows you to change It a Little bit

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    • By Typhus
      Up for sale or trade is my Fodera Emperor DLX 5-string! 
      In really good shape and been played alot! It had Seymour Duncan jazz-style pickups in it but those have been changed to Aguilar DCB to give this bass more "modern" sound. The whole bass came alive after this operation. 
      Ask if you have some questions!
      Price is 6400euros 6000euros including shippin inside EU.  
      Partial trades to 5-strings from:
      Fodera (Different wood/pickups combo, NO standard models thanks!)
      MTD USA
      Alleva Coppolo
      - 3-piece maple neck
      - "35 scale
      - brass nut
      - 24-frets
      - Ebony fretboard  (Macassar if I remember right)
      - Dovetail neck-joint
      - 2-piece mahogany body
      - Figured walnut top and headstock
      - Abadlone butterfly without black outlines
      - birth year 2010
      - Aguilar DCB pickups
      - Mike Pope custom preamp
      - Golden hardware
      - original case and tools
      Heres a small sample of the bass played straight to soundcard:

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      Just out of curiosity really, how do you prefer your string action to be, and what is the action and relief on your main bass (if you got one, otherwise about average of your most played basses)?
      My main is a lowly, but very much beloved,  Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Bass, with a just 28,6" scale length.
      I have swapped out the cheap stock pickups with some of higher quality, but otherwise I was lucky to get an as good as perfect bass from stock, well beside the absolutely horrifying bad setup it came with, as well as the stock strings were pretty crappy as well.
      Measured from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the low E string the action is just about 1.9mm (5/64" =/~ 0.075"), and just about 1.4mm (1/16" =/~ 0.055") on the high G string side, with as good as no relief in the neck, something that perhaps translates to something like an about 0.2mm (1/64" =/~ 0.0079") gap or so between the top of the 8th fret and the bottom of the low E string when it is fretted at first and last fret simultaneously.
      No fret buzz whatsoever on any of the strings no matter where on the fretboard they are fretted when played acoustically with a light touch, though certain strings fretted at certain frets does result in a slight buzz when digging in a bit harder, but again only when played acoustically, when the bass is actually amplified there is absolutely no hints of fret buzz anywhere to be found, though still adjusted sufficiently low for allowing me force out some clanky attack if desired. 
      But I do kind of have an idea about this kind of setup being about as low as you can go before it starts to affect the tone negatively, to some extend choking the string vibrations, no matter how perfectly leveled the frets might be.
      Regardless if this idea is actually true or not though I prefer to be able to feel at least a slight amount to resistance when fretting the strings, for me to be able to feel that I am actually playing, as well as giving me a slightly more focused awareness of the fretboard and my playing.
      Preferably, for the sake of easy comparison, measure the string action at the 12th fret and the relief at 8th fret, like I did.
    • By Abominathan
      I absolutely looooove this pedal. But alas, selling. Great nick (need a clean) and sounds amazing. Good price. MXR Bass octave. Simple. Does what it says on the tin and sounds beastly. 
      £50 - perfer collection from London (Forest Hill Area), but will post as long as you pay for it.
      One picture below and more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8RunnoMtgC8tdukY9

    • By TorVic
      (Located in The Hague, NL. My feedback history: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280308-feedback-for-torvic/page/3/#comments)
      price drop: 1090EUR / 995GBP
      No trades - selling for another purchase here. Will ship in a generic case. 
      I received this in a trade. It's an early 90s Streamer Stage-1 that has been modified and refinished in a transparent gloss finish in a denim blue colour (with a fixed button to complete the denim look). 
      The hardware is all original. The frets seem to be original and might require some dressing. 
      It is lightweight and has the easiest fastest neck on any bass I've played. 
      Through Neck: 3 piece maple Body wings: Maple Fretboard: Wenge Pickups: Haussel PJ passive (with large magnets) Preamp: Noll 2-band 9V  Controls: Vol (Push/Pull = active/passive) + blend + bass + treble (works as tone knob in passive mode)  Dunlop strap locks in gold finish included weight: 3.2kg / 7.1lbs  

    • By JBP
      Hi Folks, for sale or trade is my very rare 2010 Warwick  $$ Limited Edition No 30/85. There is a pic of the spec sheet below. This bass has a nice slim very playable neck, all frets and hardware are in good condition. The combination of the Bartolini's and the MEC 3 band circuit is amazing the addition of the mid frequency control turns this into a complete tone beast. Comes with the Warwick tool kit and flight case. Recently strung with Elixir rounds. Weight is 4.5ish Kg on the bathroom scales
      Would prefer collection from South West London though I can travel within reason, can also ship at buyers expense. If your interested I am sure we can sort something out. A socially distant try out is also welcome.
      I am willing to discuss trades especially for a 4 string Jazz, I've been finding myself craving something more Old School for a few months now, so I'm open to ideas.
      Any questions please ask


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