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Queen - Another One Bites The Dust (bass cover)

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It will also be one of the most inflated covers for a bass player, but if you have a Youtube channel, it is almost a moral obligation to publish it ... ladies and gentlemen, this is my version of the super classic of Queen, good listening!


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Posted (edited)

I love the sound, well done! You got my like ;)

Onto a bit of feedback: your face is one of the most bored I've seen anyone play that tune with. It makes sense, given how overplayed and how you consider the line to be 'sputtanata'. Every bass player played that line hundreds of times now does it as muscle memory for most of it! Remember that youtube is and audioVISUAL experience though. You should convey some sort of interest in playing your instrument and that music, otherwise just don't put a video up? I like what I heard, but I got BORED just by looking at how bored YOU seemed. Makes sense? :)

Edit: just to be clear, I'm not 'bass face shaming' anyone! :P Let me give you a comparison: in your rendition of The Final Countdown you seemed to be much more into it!

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I thank you for the feedback and I am absolutely right about what you say ... unfortunately when I register I tend to be very serious and focused on what I do that almost seems to be bored. Much also depends on the piece, clearly this song is so classic and played by everyone that I don't feel such strong emotions in playing it. When I play live I'm actually completely different and definitely much more active. I will take your advice seriously, because you are absolutely right, the image, what you transmit with body language, when you make videos it is as important as the executive ability!

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