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Ableton Live Lite 10 to cubase

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I'm running Cubase 7 Elements on my PC in the spare bedroom (windows 8).  Although I've had the software suite a long time I haven't used it that much over the years so, really I'm still a novice user.  Mrs Nicko is using the bedroom as a home office so I'm only abe to work on anything in the evening/weekends.

I've recently been doing a bit more and have splashed the cash on a Midi keyboard,  This is coming with the free Ableton package.

I have an old laptop (windows 7), that I don't really use because the keyboard is a bit dodgy (some of the keys aren't working consistently but I doubt this would impact my ability to use it for DAW use).  I could load Ableton onto this but that would means having two different DAWs to get to grips, but it would be useful to be able to experiment with the keyboard, capture basic themes for songs etc even if I have to start again when going for a full recording in Cubase. 

So questions:

Is Live Lite 10 as restricted as it looks or is it actually worth having?

Is Ableton easier to learn than Cubase.

Will using two different DAWs confuse the hell out of me?

Could I export the midi files (minus the audio track) from Ableton to Cubase?

Could I export sounds I generate in Ableton as samples and import into Cubase (ie if I come up with an interesting synth setting or drum sounds/loops etc that come with Ableton)?

Should I just dump Cubase and go with both machines running Ableton, knowing that its more limited?

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